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Clevelands Greatest Problem?
July 27, 2005

You all know the answer: Our Schools!

I have been preaching this for 33 years, but in those decades so very little has changed.

Got some great response to our Newschannel5 Town Hall on education. Some negatives, but many positives. Take a look at the e-mail I received on this and let me know some of your thoughts. You can reach me at


E-mail to Ted:

I would like to commend your station for its running last night’s program. I am sure it was at a cost to the station. . It seemed to me that when the facts are laid out it seems clear that progress has been made in the Cleveland schools, both fiscally and academically. I just could not find the opposition credible I just hope a lot of people watched and they were able to have an open mind. I am not originally from Cleveland and one thing that continues to stand out after over 25 years here is inflexible Clevelanders are when it comes to thinking. I just have to say that I think a large part of Cleveland just cannot see these children as there own.

I hope a lot of people saw your show particularly those that say they have not seen progress. I would be interested in knowing if any of the people you interviewed prior to the show who were opposed, saw you show and changed their mind. Please keep this issue before the public.

By the way, I think you an Denita did a great job.


(And one more item)


I applaud you and your friends to try and hold a dialogue on the schools.

Everyone understands the situation but I must say that I would vote “no” on the issue. There seems to be this common understanding that money always fixes the problems in this world but it really doesnt, it is a patch work solution. Mrs. Byrd Bennett showed that she, like everyone else, can spend the money as freely and fast as anyone.

What about being thoughtful and responsible with the money? This is clearly not being done and the reason why the issue will fail….again. Mrs. Byrd-Bennett need to resign or be released from the job!

Finally, what about the Teachers Union? All they do is take the money and run with it then cry how they are under paid. Teaching is one of the best paying and secure jobs in this country. They should look in the mirror before crying poor then look outside and see there are better schools outside the public school system. In additon, no jobs in this failing area to suppost more pork barrel spending for the public schools.

Enough is Enough!

Thank you.

Allan Johnston


Town Hall Meeting Raises Many Questions
July 27, 2005

I hope you caught it tonight.

Our special hour long Town Hall program on Newschannel 5 regarding the future funding needs of the Cleveland Schools considered some very important issues. Among the most important items discussed were funding the schools adequately, rehiring many of the teachers laid-off due to recent financial short falls and the all important issue of school building safety.

Issue three will be voted on next Tuesday and if it passes it will pump $45 million into the school system. Not everybody is for the issue. Those who spoke out against the issue tonight are not against the Cleveland schools, rather they say they’re just against the way the money would be used. At issue for them is what they call the lack of overall education provided by the schools. They want the system to focus more on teaching students, rather than having their attention split down other lesser important avenues, in their view.

This really wasn’t a debate and co-host Danita Harris and I only had to scold people a couple of times for either talking too long or for trying to divert attention away from Issue 3.

Overall, I think we did a pretty good job. As for the schools, they continue to be on life support and almost everyone agrees this city must do something constructive regarding their survival. The question is, what???

Let me know what you think. Go ahead, take off the gloves and let me have it. Did we target the right crisis in this crisis riddled school system? Did we do OK? How could we have done a better job?

And one more question. Mind telling us how how you would vote for this issue?

Let me know, I am just a few clicks away:


July 26, 2005

Here’s the deal.

Just yell “UNCLE” when you get tired of all the Modell stories.

The response in my e-mail box indicates that either the new Blog site is a hit or that many of you have a genuine interest in what’s with Art Modell.

I shall sprinkle some more of your e-mails below and by my count, even though some of you are sending in positive views, the majority of you are clinging to your negative, negative, negative points of view. Oh well. Guess there’s not much else to tackle your fancy this long hot summer.

Here goes. Let me know what you want me to do with this subject? If and when you write me, please let me know if you are taking-in this blog at all. Otherwise I’ll just conclude you’re still hacked off about the Modell series we aired last night and you are still just e-mailing based on our TV reports, not our blog stories.


And now for your view:

Your series on Art has not changed my view on Art and his moving of our beloved Browns. Art was a rotten owner who squandered his money on players who turned out to be a bust. He used circumstances for excuses just to save his financial woes.

However, my view on you Ted has changed. How dare you show sympathy for Art! Would you show sympathy for a murderer? That is just what Art did, MURDER OUR BROWNS!!! Art has no excuse, what’s yours? Ratings? Shame on you Ted Henry. I pray that your contract is not renewed and maybe you can find employment or retirement in Baltimore!!!


Has not changed my view of Art Modell. Still think he is a
money-grubbing scum who betrayed the city and Browns fans everywhere.
My opinion of you has changed, however, with your obvious sympathy for
him. I believe you owe Browns fans and all Clevelanders an apology for
trying to garner sympathy for this pathetic man.



Hi Ted, I have been following your story on my computer through MSN news.
See, I no longer live in Cleveland but am a proud resident of Calgary,
Alberta, Canada. Even though I live 2000 miles away, Art Model still can get
the bad feelings of betrayal going. I have read your interview so
far…except for Friday eves ( not posted yet ) and I guess I can understand
Mr Modell seeing his “baby” going down in financial ruin. I understand he
had to make a decission quick because he wasn’t getting honesty or support
from those that were telling him to hang in there. Politics is politics and
when it comes to politics it is always ugly for someone in the end. I guess
what I don’t understand is these two individuals that he speaks of, that he
wishes to remain secret about including in death, were”loyal” to him (
actually they weren’t ) during his rash decision. Now he realizes that they
weren’t so “loyal”, so why does he care about any ramifications brought to
them if their names get out??? Mr. Modell has now lived and suffered through
years of hatred because of someone elses decisions pushed on him. The two
guilty parties should be ashamed of what they have done to someone elses
reputation. Sure Mr Modell is living high on the “pig skin” again, but I do
feel his “hog” isn’t so high when it comes to his reputation in Cleveland.
I’m sure sadly Mr Modell will not be a welcomed addition to the Football
Hall of Fame either, no matter how much time has gone by or “house cleaning”
he has done. Mr Modell should have been straight forward and honest with
his “beloved” city, loyalty to the politicians or not……look where it got
him in the long yard.
Bonnie Knight
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
My mind not only wanders, it sometimes leaves completely.


The guy is a rat. I can’t believe you let him have his say. He’s a lying SOB and I won’t watch channel 5 news ever again because of it. If he had gone to the media and told them he was seriously going to consider moving the team, the media would have let the fans know about it and something would have been done to stop it. But no, he had his secret little meeting on the tarmac in that crap hole of Baltimore and sealed the deal to move our beloved Browns. Now we have to listen to the filth that spews out of Pittsburgh about how we didn’t support our team. Of course Steeler fans are the most ignorant fans in the world and we can’t blame them for being totally stupid. And likewise if you believe the lies that Modell spewed out in your interview, then you’re as dumb as Steeler fans and you and Art should go over to the burgh where ya belong.


I wanted to tell you that there are at least two people in Cleveland who have forgiven Art Modell. My friend and I did that work several years ago and while watching your segment on him I was glad we had. I was especially touched when you asked him about his father.
If you talk to Mr Modell again let him know that their are at least a couple of Browns fans who don’t wish him the best.


Model Story
Ted are you in love with Art the Fart?. He is a lying son of a bitchen bastard!

(Hey Cozzene. And I wish you a nice day too. Ted)

My husband and I never had any problem with Art Modell moving the team, hes a business man and hes in business to make money not lose it, especially the amount of money were talking here. After all the pleasure he gave the fans all those years, that the fans and the city should turn on him the way they did. We find that very sad. If you or anyone else was in his position they would have done the same thing. It was the Browns that kept this city alive for many years.


Dear Ted:
First of all, thank you for your great reporting over the years! Your Modell
story was intriguing. I wish him well but the fact remains that he is to
blame for the bad feelings concerning him in NE Ohio. It was bad enough
losing the Browns but how Modell did it was almost unforgivable. He acted
like a kid on the playground that didn’t get his way and left with all of
his toys. I don’t think Modell was a sharp businessman. He had cash flow
problems despite packing the stadium for every game. He couldn’t effectively
deal with local politicians despite being a PR man. I don’t think he was
ever loved in this area after firing Paul Brown but he was respected. He
could have had everything he wanted in Cleveland, if he had really tried,
but he let his emotions control him. He took the easy way out. I hope he is
happy in Baltimore. Baltimore is a nice town. I think he should stay there.
Best regards, Bob in Uniontown


I was always behind Mr. Modell. I am old,I know that the press can ruin a person. Look what it did to Martha,she lied, Pres. Nixon lied. Mr. Modell was lied too. All our great leaders,(haha) lie, steal money BIG TIME . Where is the great press & news casters?
Bernie was released,myGOD, what your profession did to Mr. Modell. Shame on all of you people.



Thank you one and all.

This new Bloggy thing is smokin.

Here’s my take. As days go by I suspect we’re be getting more and more of you who are sympathetic to Art MOdell. Yea, there will still be beefs about the old Browns boss, but…and it’s a big but…seasoned common sense in the end…will prevail. Just my hunch. Just my guess.

Thanks…and good night.

drop your opinions at

July 25, 2005

Yea, yea I know. My blog’s a little bloggy.

We’re still smoothing out the bumps in our new technology.

Give a guy a little patience. We’ll have this cleared up in a jiffy.

Got lots and lots of reaction to the blog so far, at least to the parts you are able to read and when I find some time later night between newscasts, I’ll jot down a few comments to your “assaults” and try to answer a few questions.

This is a test? What do you think of blogs? Read many? How many of you are reading this one? Wanna tell me where to go (with this)? Be careful now.

See ya,

July 23, 2005

Hello there,

Response to our series of stories on Art Modell has generated a ton of response. Before we all move on with our lives, a final look at some of the amazing e-mails sent to me.

Still still to get one from you. Jot down your thoughts and send them to:


I was one of the fans who were so hurt by Art’s move. However, I was not aware of his part in founding the Hospice of the Western Reserve.
Moving the Browns is simply dwarfed by the creation of the Hospice, not to mention his involvement with the Clinic for so many years.
I do beleive his story, it is no secret that there has been a history of arrogance in this state at all levels of the poitical system. I beleive he was short shrifted and, al things considered, he has nothing to apologize for..the NFL is business and he is a businessman. I think he did what he had to do and I beleive it hurt him terribly and does to this day.
I would be proud to lunch with him in the middle of the park here in Willoughby, and would simply state that I was having lunch with a man who made hard times easier for so many people through his founding of the Hospice.
Bless him and his wife…they are a part of Cleveland and Northern Ohio and hopefully he will see his name and reputation restored here soon.

Charles Hoisington


After watching your interview with Art, I almost felt sorry for him. I hope he finds peace with himself, however he can never be forgiven by a true Browns fan. He committed the mortal sports sin in this city. He can sort it out with God someday.

Tony – 25 year season ticket holder (minus 5)


This is my first blog ever! I almost sent you one when you kept bringing up that poor girl from Strongsville who went to jail because of her baby’s death. Every one of your news casts refereed to her as an excheerleader as if that somehow would spice up yours news cast-shame on you!
Now Art has suckered you. He stole the team from Paul Brown, made millions, paid his son a fortune to ruin the team, lined the pockets of all his cronies, but of course as any good business the team on paper didn’t show any profits. Then he blames everybody else. And you give him TV time. I grew up watching you on channel five every day, Now I will grow old watching someone else.


I will never watch channel 5 again. I can not believe you are letting this liar have any credibility.

Dave Jakubowski

Ouch!!! Sorry Dave.

I’m not a Cleveland fan (never have been) but I feel for the many fans who are true believers. To Mr. Modell – all you had to do was way back when say I have to move or go broke. I’m sure that many people would have understood. And if he thought things would be taken care of quicker here he should have told the ”loyal” fans that. By not being open with the fans he has created a poision pill for himself. If you’re honest with the fans of the Browns they will be loyal til the end if not you’re doomed.
A fan for another team But proud to know some very loyal Browns fans



Dear Ted, I was a bit disappointed in your interview, and subsequent story, with Art Model. I understand that you probably had to agree not to bring up certain subjects in order to get the interview. But I thought that the background story would be more accurate. You didn’t try very hard to present both sides of the story. Most of us long-time Browns fans remember all of the gory details presented at the time. Art Model, or you for that matter, didn’t present any NEW information as promised in the promos. You simply repeated Art Model’s one-sided, and heavily edited, justification of his actions. I hate to see revisionist history change the face of events in our past. It is human nature for individuals to leave out events and actions that don’t fit their justification for why they behaved a certain way. It’s an innate self-preservation response. Over time, they even begin to believe that their version is true. But you, as a journalist, are supposed to present more than one angle — report all the facts. What happened to the fact that ”the powers that be” at the time tried for years to get Art Model involved in the Gateway Project. He refused to work with them, instead pushing his own Municipal Stadium renovation plans. Only after the Indians, the Cavs, the City, the County, and the State were committed to Gateway did Art Model change face and start crying that he was ”shut out” of their redevelopment plans. What happened to the fact that the Browns were one of the most profitable NFL teams at the time. The Browns were not even close to bankruptcy, as claimed now by Model. The only way the Browns could have ended up in financial difficulty is either (1) worst-case forecasts of the Browns financing the Municipal Stadium renovation plan entirely without outside funding, or (2) questionable financial transactions AFTER Model made a commitment to move to Baltimore (including legal actions and player moves). I was looking for some of this information to be presented as a counterbalance to Model’s interview. As it stands, your interview could have been taped in 1995. Art Model’s story hasn’t changed. And you haven’t presented any new material. Why air such a one-sided story now, ten years later?
Kevin A. Alexeff

Good letter Kevin. Good points. Don’t agree with all of them, but you certainly hae your right to express them. Personally, I think there remains a huge interest and curiosity about Art Modell. His reactions to all that happened a decade ago is more than worth the price of admission.

Thanks again,


There is one important point that I did not hear mentioned in your interviews with Art. I vividly remember one certain element surrounding the Browns departure. I agree that the Cleveland political bigwigs took care of the Indians and Cavaliers first. BUT, then they were ready to deal with the Browns. The summer before he moved the Browns, Cleveland was finally ready to deal with Art and the issues of the stadium, etc. And do you remember his response? I do, and that’s why I still feel blindsided and betrayed, regardless of what he has said recently. He refused to talk to them. He said he wanted ”a moratorium” on these issues until the end of the current season. I distinctly remember this because the word ”moratorium” was definitely used. You can look it up in the archives because I’m sure it must be on record somewhere. I heard it over and over again. He placed a moratorium on talks with the city until after the season. Then what does he do? After refusing to talk to the Cleveland officials until after the season is over, he goes and moves the team RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SEASON!!! From my vantage point, that is why he ”placed a moratorium” on the talks. He was already in secret negotiations with Baltimore and had no intention of listening to what Cleveland actually had to offer. And I also remember reading (after the fact) that the negotiations were very secret indeed, like something out of a spy movie. If you have any other conversations with Art, I would really love to know what he has to say about this ”moratorium” issue!

Thanks for reading this. I don’t know if I will ever have anything but negative feelings about Art and this is my reason why. I feel he lied to the city because his deal was already in the works. That word ”moratorium” will live on in infamy in my mind. I may be wrong, but that is how it looks to me.

Chris Knippenberg

— chris, another good letter….i too remember that word. In fact I think heard the word moratorium spoken several times. Let’s see who else might chime in on this part of the story.


I have listened to 3 installments of your interview with Art Modell. As a thinking person, it was always hard for me to believe that just one man was the ”enemy” during this entire saga. My problem with this entire thing is not who is guilty but the lack of explanation that was given to the fans of Cleveland. No matter what, no matter how good or bad the Browns played, the fans always supported Mr Modell. To come to us now, 10 years later, to tell us that other people told him to leave, when for years he never listed to what anyone outside of his circle told him, leaves me cold. The bigger gesture would have been if Mr Modell had said he made a mistake because he owed the fans in Cleveland more than he gave them and would have gone a long way in attempting to heal the rift here. Cleveland has a lot of problems that are more life-threatening the the loss of the Browns and the Art Modell saga, and your interview does little to! help us move forward. Mr Modell will get some peace for his soul when he learns how to say ”I am sorry, please forgive me”.
– From Ted: All of these stories impress me…and I have scads more…might even print some of them next week. Thanks for your views. And remember: Got a view? Gimme it. Good or not so good….we’ll hoist it up the flag pole and see if anyone salutes it.

July 22, 2005

This Art Modell story just will not go away.

When I first spoke with him about his blockbuster announcement four days ago, I had no idea his news would spin Browns fans on their heads so much.

In a nutshell Modell told me that when push came to shove, two top VIPs, one in the world of politics and one in the world of sports, actually called him and told him, encouraged him, advised him to take his football franchise and leave town. And he did. And the rest is history.

Can’t tell you yet who those two guys will. But we’re working on that part of the story. Ironically, it’s my gut feeling that Art actually wants those names to become public.

Stay tuned.

There’s more to be revealed.

Write me. Talk to me. Tell how any of this has changed your views about Art!

E-mail me at

Bye bye,

July 22, 2005


Some of you sure are still angry at Art Modell. No sooner had I aired the first story on Modell than I started receiving some rather pointed e-mails from viewers and fans of the old Browns. Here’s a sample. And after you read them, please tell me what you think of 80 year old former owner of the Cleveland Browns.

If you like him, tell me. And if you don’t, tell me. And if you have problems with us reporting this sort of news, tell me that too. I can take it.

Ted – E-mail to:


heyted henry,
for what it’s worth, i want you to know i’m not gonna listen to one second of your patronizing, softball questions to modell.
what are you doing ted????
that ridiculous question…”what do you admire in your friends”? are you joking ted????
do you really think this is the story clevlanders want to hear?
giving art an opportunity to exonerate himself?
are you that foolish to air that report under the guise of, “this is the story we’ve been waiting for”.
do you think we’re that naive or downright stupid as top not realize that giving this man a platform on your news broadcast
will only serve his own self interest while he lobbies the cleveland fan base to soften their stance just so he has a chance
at the hall of fame.
i’m a season ticket holder now, as i was then, and that will not ever be forgiven on my end, i don’t care how he spins it!
i followed the story then as i have through the years, and he won’t EVER convince me that he had no choice…EVER.
ted, your a shill for ratings, and i lost a lot of respect for you by giving this man a soapbox for him to whine from.
rich miller, e-mail
p.s. i don’t ever remember sending any newscaster a letter like this, so at least you evoked a reaction, and you probably couldn’t care less what i have to say……but it was stupid to bring this guy back to our living rooms.
i guess you get soft with age ted, i didn’t hear one tough question from the samples,
and before you say it….tes, i think i could have done better, way better.
don’t bother with an, “i’m sorry you feel that way” e-mail, that’s just ludicrous.

p.s. i don’t ever remember sending any newscaster a letter like this, so at least you evoked a reaction, and you probably couldn’t care less what i have to say……but it was stupid to bring this guy back to our living rooms.
i guess you get soft with age ted, i didn’t hear one tough question from the samples,
and before you say it….tes, i think i could have done better, way better.
don’t bother with an, “i’m sorry you feel that way” e-mail, that’s just ludicrous.


I could care less what the LIAR Art Model has to say. May he burn in hell!.

A true Browns fan.

I’m glad to see that someone is finally giving Art Modell a chance to tell his side of the story. I’ve always felt that he came up short with the “powers that be”.
I also feel that it is about time that everyone gets over this. I think it is really sad that Art Modell can’t even come anywhere in Ohio without getting all the barbs from fans as well as some of the media.
Thanks Ted for taking this on & giving a good man a chance to clear his name.

Gerri from Stow


About a month ago I wrote Art a letter of forgiveness. He wrote me back and
wanted me to call him, so I did.
This man talked to me about everything and anything for about 20 minutes. He
said that if he had gotten the letter sooner I would of been on that plane a
couple of weeks ago when he flew about 30 of his friends out to Baltimore
for his 80th birthday party. He told me about why he moved and who was
behind it and all that stuff. He was very polite and to the point. This man
took time to write me and talk to me on the phone, me, a nobody. I forgave
him and look forward to your show tonight.
Milton Bunting

Art Modell
July 21, 2005

Since Ted’s Blog is brand new as of today, Thursday the 21st of July, 2005 and since I am under news show deadline, there’s not a great deal I can write at the moment about Art Modell. But give me a few hours and I’ll add to this series of blogs.

In a nutshell, I was invited to visit with Art Modell in his suburban Baltimore house on Monday. He and his wife, Pat were anxious to look back on the 35+ years in Cleveland. After lunch we talked Browns mostly and why he felt compelled to move the Browns Franchise out of Cleveland.

I’ll come back in a little while with as many insights and items I can think of that I could not cram into my five TV news stories on this subject. And in the meantime, feel free to e-mail me personally your current feelings about Modell, now ten years after the fact. Are you ready to forgive? Let bygones be bygones? Still harboring a grudge? Do you believe his story we’re airing this week?

Let me know. Write me at:

See ya,

July 21, 2005

A big hello to any of you who have found your way to Ted’s Blog.

It’s new, it promises to be different and it hopes to include a lot of your questions and comments. In fact, I promise to even run view complaints (if there ever are any!)

Check it out, let me know what you think and we’ll see where we might be able to take this new opportunity to probe issues, news items and whatever questions might be on your mind.

How can you reach me? Easy. Just e-mail me at:

I’ll get things off with my first blog about spending time this week with former Browns owner, Art Modell.

See ya,