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Uncle Jake? Gene Carroll?
April 18, 2006

Dear Ted

Hi, this might not be the right place for this question but I have to give it a shot. I have sent emails to everywhere I can think of at chanel 5 regarding the old Gene Carroll show and so far not a single reply. I was on the show in the early 70’s and can’t find any info about it. Does chanel 5 still have old tapes? I have been trying desperately to find the show I was on. I have a good reason, my father will be 86 this year and he has never seen it. For some odd reason he didn’t even know I was on T.V. Can you help me find this? Thanks Gina Giallombardo


Thanks for the blog, Gina.

Actually, since that was considered the dark age of television, we were not able to save any of those programs on video tape. Lots of folks have asked about these programs, but they seem to no longer exist. What a pity.