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May 31, 2007

Hey Reader,

Thanks for your on-going ideas.

Here’s another below from a viewer in Medina.

Your comments about our weekly series on spirituality (pro and con) are always welcome. Just send them to me via e-mail at henry@newsnet5com

Hi Ted,

First off I’d like to say ‘thank you’ for bringing more uplifting stories to the nightly news. Lately it seems that all the news stations are giving their attention to the negative issues in the world, instead of the positive.

Energy flows where attention goes, so does that mean more energy is going to those issues that are negative? We don’t need to live in a bubble, but there has got to be a balance.

Spirituality has been taking off lately and after reading your blog I see that not everyone is ready to hop on-board. And that’s okay because (my opinion only) I believe that the spiritual path is an individual one and everyone progresses at different rates.

It is up to those who are more spiritually advanced to look back at those who aren’t and help in any way they can. A suggestion – have you checked out Spiritual Cinema yet? Mainstream movies get reviewed all the time.

I think the time is coming to review the movies offered by Spiritual Cinema. I’d like to buy these movies to add to my personal collection, but I would like to have another opinion of the movie prior to purchase.

On closing, how is your wife doing with her migraines? I know they subsided greatly after her surgery. I hope she is doing well.

Take care,Sharon ReuderMedina, OH

PS: ThaNks Sharon, and yes my wife continues to do well. She had 5 migraines a week for 25 years prior to her surgery. Now she is TOTALLY MIGRAINE FREE!


May 31, 2007

Dear Reader,

We all get lots of e-mail every day and there’s no way to post or respond to all of it, but from time to time I’ll post a few comments on my blog.

What follows is a letter from a viewer who commented on my recent Heart And Soul story on weight loss.

Your comments are welcome about this subject. I think it’s important because excessive weight is such a problem in our culture and as people tend to lose unwanted weight and keep it off it almost always results in people feeling better about themselves, physically, emotionally and even spiritually.

What follows is one person’s point of view.

Thanks, and write me your view at



Thank you for airing the story about Dee Wolk’s non-diet weight loss program. I am a “Dee success story” and firmly believe that more people need to know about her good works.

When I joined Dee’s program, I was probably the most skeptical client she ever had. Not only did I lose 25 pounds, I stopped my heavy addiction to soda – an addiction I tried to break dozens of times before. Focusing on the psychological and emotional reasons for the addiction made the absolute difference.

Your story about Dee’s program was right on track. And in a world where women are constantly berated about body shape and size, this program stands out as a tool of empowerment to build confidence and self-esteem. I am so pleased you chose to tell our community about it.


Sondra Miller
Chief Operating Officer
YWCA Greater Cleveland
216-881-6878 x 242time

May 25, 2007

Dear Reader,

Dee Wolk started a successful weight loss program that grew out of her own desire to feel better about herself. To do this, she needed to lose a lot of weight. She succeeded in not only taking the weight off but keeping it off.

Today, her program called, “Dee’s Weight Solution” is helping people not just in Cleveland but beyond. She believes the program has a strong spiritual component since at core it results in helping people feel better about themselves.


I am reporting on Dee’s program on tonight’s news. If you have tried this program, please drop me a line and tell me how it worked for you. Tell me also if it had any impact on your spiritual life.

You can write me at


May 25, 2007

Dear Reader,

Yes, we do get viewer complaints. Not everyone appreciates any kind of story about Heart and Soul or spirituality on their local TV news programs.

Below, a recent complaint from an Akron viewer and as you’ll see I promised that viewer that I would include other reaction to his point view, including those who agree with him as well as anyone who might take issue with the points he makes.


Hello Colleen Seitz and Ted Henry,

Is news gathering so bad that the station is wasting my and your time reporting on how prayer can help people loose weight? Ted Henry has done other religious stories – e.g. healing, etc. and I find my response to them quite literally a turn-off (pun intended) or a turn-to-another-station.

Thank You,
Eric Tyson
———- Ave.
Akron, Ohio


Thanks Eric,

I appreciate your point of view. It is different from nearly all the others I have received and if it’s all right with you, I would like to include it on my blog. And In fairness to you, I’ll ask for a show of support. Those who favor your point of view and write me, will be mentioned in the blog.

Thanks, you’re helping to keep things interesting around here. I respect your comments and I am curious about them. Of all the subjects covered by TV news, those on spirituality seem to disturb you the most, which is certainly your perogative.

Thanks for writing,
Readers can submit their views on this to

May 24, 2007

A lot of people wanted to comment on our series on the Weigh Down Diet.

We got some comments from viewers claiming the woman who runs the program forces religion on those who follow her method of losing weight. But tons of others voiced their support for this weight loss concept.

Below is a letter typical of the many I have received.

Dear Ted:

I saw your story on the Weigh Down Workshop and just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated you covering it. I started Weigh Down in the fall of 1999 and haven’t been the same since. I had tried every diet known to man-kind and nothing worked. I finally had walked out of a popular weight loss meeting saying I cannot count another fat gram or worry about optional calories. I cried out to God to show me what He wanted and not long after that, I was introduced to Weigh Down. I lost 75 pounds!

I am a real-live person whose life was changed forever because of this ministry.

Thank you again for reporting this very worth-while story.

Kelly A. Gadke

As always, your comments are welcome. Pro or con, let me know what you think of this program and I’ll include your reaction here.

Just e-mail me at


Pray To Be Thin – Heart And Soul
May 22, 2007

Here’s another comment taking exception with the news value of our story about Pay To Be Thin. Write me with your comments to:

Ms. Shamblin’s concept is not new. In 1979 a man named Harold Hill wrote a book called “Flip the Flab Forever” (Bridge Publishing, Inc.). He says the same thing. We over eat because we are soothing our soul. God put a “hunger” for Him in our heart and if we fulfill that hunger, we won’t need comfort food. Mr. Hill says we should pray that God match our appetite to our needs instead of our wants.

Thanks for reporting on these issues.

Karol Liggett

david m liggett
EarthLink Revolves Around You.

Pray To Be Thin – Heart And Soul
May 22, 2007

My two part series on, “Pray To Be Thin” generated much comment. The post below is typical.

Dear Ted,

I think what Gwen Shamblin is doing is inspiring. I have been over weight for a portion of my adult life. I have tried so many other ways of losing weight and I do, but I put the weight back on. In today’s world many want to blame others for their problems. Many turn away from Christ because they feel He has failed them. They pray for His help in many of their daily issues, but when they don’t get the help they think they should they blame God and turn away from Him.

Gwen Shamblin has the right idea. She is combining her love for God and helping people lose the weight. I listened to what Matt Bauer said and that is his opinion. I don’t think he has ever struggled with being heavy and has no idea of the everyday struggles overweight people go through. The desire to eat is there even when you are not hungry. People say it just takes will power. Well, I for one think divine intervention can help. Saying a prayer builds a stronger relationship with God and through this helps you not to indulge in food when you really not hungry. What a great way to build a relationship with the Lord and lose weight at the same time. I am going to do what Gwen Shamblin is inspiring many people to do. I have a relationship with God, but also with food. This will help me to build an even better relationship and lose the weight.

Thank you for reporting on this amazing woman who loves people and God.

Sue K.

Agree or Disagree??? Let me know. Write me at and I’ll post your comment.

May 21, 2007

From Ted: I received some nice response to the HEART AND SOUL interview I ran on the spiritual life of former Browns head football coach, Sam Rutigliano.

He shocked me by describing the day and the hour his life turned serious about all things spiritual. It was back in 1964 when his 4 1/2 year old daughter was killed in a car accident.

“Life just came to a stop for me”, Sam said. Since that day Sam has chosen to probe more deeply into what life means for him. He has been a living teacher radiating his lessons ever since that dark hour.

What follows is a comment from a viewer who saw our story the other night.

“Ted my son got to ,meet SAM at an award banquet for northeast Ohio high school scholar athletes.He said SAM was the most genuine person he ever met. He talked about what was important in life god education family, community,and athletes that can make a difference.

Sam is one in a million person and i applaud you to have people on your show that can inspire you.My son has been very fortunate to have played for another one in a million coach that is the legendary ,coach kyle.

He said it would have been a honor to experienced a coach and a person of Sam’s caliber ,and that he will always cherish meeting SAM. Thank you ed gawryszewski.”

And…thank you, Ed. It’s a great comment.

As always, I invite any and all to contribute to these chats on Ted’s Blog.


May 17, 2007

Ted’s Blog is starting to focus on my weekly segment called, “Heart And Soul”.

Please send me your story ideas, comments, criticisms or questions on this subject. It can be about spirituality, religion, atheism, mind, body, spirit or anything else that has to do with personal growth.

—– Why this subject? Because so many people have asked for it.

—– Really? Yes. People seem to be more strung out than everbefore, not to mention confused, worried, over worked and driven by fear. Some, just want to know what life’s about. I am no expert and my own views won’t be of much use, but I do have access to many professionals who can take a stab at your greatest concerns on these matters.

—– Will you include the library of video stories you’ve done for the past two years on spirituality? Yes, these can be accessed in an easy way here at

—– Want me to write you now about my concerns? Yes, pile it on.

—– Can I have my voice heard if I agree or disagree with anything you report on? Of course, ALL POINTS OF VIEW are REQUIRED to make this work.

Any more questions?
Everybody up to speed on what we’re doing?
Contact me at


PS: I need to find someone in Northern Ohio to interview on the following subjects:
– Being a Mormon
– Your views on the work so far of the new Pope
– The problems faced by new members of the clergy
– Are there any athiests who would care to be interviewed about their views?