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July 25, 2007

Hi Readers:

Many many of you have written with comments pro and con about our series of stories on Patty Porter, the mother of Jessie Davis, who disappeared and eventually was discovered dead along with her unborn daughter.

Feel free to read some of the e-mails sent in and then please add your point of view. Write me at and I’ll include them here in my blog.


Dear Mr. Henry,

I usually don’t express my opinion very often but I seem to be feeling the “need” to as I get older.
I think that you and the staff at the station are absolutely wonderful first of all and LOVE to watch your broadcasts.
What I seem to be having trouble with though is the negativity from some of the viewers. In particular Patricia Heutsche. Jessie,God rest her and her babies soul, was a grown woman. She made her own choices and I really get frustrated when people are so eager to blame parents for everything. We all make mistakes and none of us are perfect by any means. I wonder how perfect Ms. Heutsche is and her family ? People want and do, pass judgment on others without looking in the mirror first. How dare people who have never met this poor family make so many assumptions when they know nothing. We all are guilty of letting the “love” factor dictate our better judgment and sometimes make bad decisions because of it. I’m sure Jessie would never have been involved with a person she thought would ultimately kill her and her unborn child.
I also feel that her family probably did have something to say about the situation. Most families have at least one person in them that everyone wishes and prays would do better. That doesn’t mean that it’s the families fault though. Especially at this time while the family is mourning and trying to pull each other through this terrible tragedy, can’t people just keep their mouths shut and their opinions to them selves ?????? I have never been able to figure this out. No one probably ever will. It’s just such a shame that instead of praying, people would rather criticize.
Just to let you know, I do not know the Davis family – but I know what it’s like to have a “not-so-perfect” family.

With great admiration,

Bonnie G./ Akron
Hi Ted,
Thank you for the fantastic interview with Patty Porter. She is truly a remarkable woman and is an inspiration to all people. God is with her and she is very fortunate to be able to know His presence. I live approximately
5 miles away from her in Uniontown and wish there was some special way to help her, not only at this time but throughout the coming years. You did an excellent job with the story and I hope you can continue to keep us up-to-date on how Patty and Blake are doing.
My mother met you several years ago and everytime she came to visit (she is currently living in Georgia with my sister) she spoke so highly of you and how friendly you were. She is 87 years old now and that is the one thing she remembers.
Congratulations on your 35 years and I hope to see you for another 35 years, oops I am 61 and that would make me too old, I do believe. Thank you for being you and reporting the facts.
Ruth Roach

Mr. Henry, I personally am so tired and disgusted with that entire Porter family!!! They act like they’re so darn spiritual and that their daughter was such a great woman. Wake up call here….she was no saint! She was having an affair with a married man!!!! She helped to ruin another woman’s marriage. I don’t care how separated they may have been, that wife didn’t file for divorce until he was charged with murder. I am so tired of people treating Jessie as if she was some kind of goddess! She may have been memorialized at one of Akron’s biggest churches, but why is everyone ignoring the fact that this woman not only had one child with a MARRIED man, but got pregnant again? Apparently his wife must have loved him to stay with him after having one child with another woman and then she gets pregnant again! I don’t buy into the bull that she didn’t know this man was married. How does anyone know that Bobby’s wife didn’t want to salvage her marriage? No matter how raggedy her marriage may have been, she didn’t file for divorce until after Bobby was arrested and I’m willing to bet she only did it due to pressure and how stupid she must look in the eyes of the public with all of the media. Bobby is disgusting and a disgrace, but so is that Porter family for supporting an adulterous affair!…and by the way she isn’t the first woman to go missing….there’s Gloria Walker, a Cleveland grandmother, who has been missing since May! Where’s the media attention for her? Stepha Henry, a college grad out of Brooklyn, had a promising future and has been missing since May also. Where’s her national Media attention?

Response to a message on your blog. To Patricia Heutsche 216 Dear Patricia – After reading your blog, I am rather shocked that someone would say the things you have said. Yes,you are missing something if you believe for one moment that if Jessie Davis had not picked this particular man, and not conceived his children out of wedlock that she would be alive today. What a thing to say! Apparently you don’t watch the news or read current events, but what happened to Jessie isn’t all that uncommon. Did Laci Peterson pick the wrong man when she met Scott at college? He wasn’t married and seemed the perfect man, but the same thing happened to her. How about Lori Hacking, another nice girl who married the nice man and unfortunately ended up the same way. How dare you imply that Jessie somehow deserved what happened to her because of her decisions. No One deserves to be brutally murdered for falling in love with the wrong man! Jessie was brought up in a loving home. She did do missionary work as a young girl and she did have strong parental guidance, but as anyone with children knows, they don’t always make the decisions you think they should make. My Aunt and her family raised their children in loving homes, and with good solid church backgrounds. All the children went to church every week and were involved with Youth for Christ and all the appropriate church camps. Whenever someone from the church had a child get into trouble, my Aunt’s sister always thought that there must be some problem in the home for that to happen. That was until her daughter got into trouble. She then realized that children have minds of their own and don’t always make the right decisions in life. My Aunt’s sister then went to all of these families that had had problems with their children in the past an apologized to them for having these thoughts, even though she had never vocalized them. I have always admired the fact that she did that. Maybe you need to take a lesson from her and not be so sanctimonious and judgmental. P E WalkerAkron, ***************************************************************************CONFIDENTIALITY I agree in whole with Patricia H’s published response to your interview and blog.
We are doing a disservice to young women to continue to portray a woman in an affair with a married man as a “good mothers” who “loved her children”. She had already denied both her children a healthy home life. No one deserves to be murdered, and I am sure Jessie’s mother is devastated. But we should never have made her a top news story or interviewed her about her “spirituality”.

Adrienne Appleby-Bures

Ted,I enjoyed the Patty Porter interview when it aired the FIRST night. Enough is enough. Making viewers watch this interview over a span of DAYS is not necessary. After a while it becomes repetitive. Nothing new. Nothing we can’t assume by reading the papers or just common sense.Patty is a strong woman and it’s good to hear her story. Just not everyday!!!

I really enjoyed your segment about Jessica Davis’ mother and grandson and all your Heart and Soul stories. Patty Porter is an amazingly strong woman who credits God and her spirituality for such strength and forgiveness. A lesson we can all learn from. These kinds of stories give us hope and comfort in a world that can be very cold and frightening. Please continue with these types of stories to offer your viewers a warmer side of the world. Why do we give so much time and attention to the whereabouts of “walking disasters” such as Lindsey Lohan and Britney Spears, when we could put our energy and emphasis into real heroes and role models like Patty Porter? Without segments like this, I wouldn’t even watch the news. Thank you.
Mr. Henry,

I want to express my deep appreciation for your coverage of interviews with Mrs. Porter. The way in which she expresses her Christian testimony during this horrible tragedy is truly an inspiration.

I do NOT understand anyone’s criticism of this family.

I would like Mrs. Porter to know that I am also praying for HER, Blake, and the entire family.
Thank you ~
Connie R. Stinson


July 24, 2007

Dear Reader,

Reaction to our multiple part series on Patty Porter has been strong, mostly positive, but not entirely. Patty is the mother of Jessie Davis, who was presumed murdered along with her unborn daughter several weeks ago.

Our story involved Patty Porter’s highly unusual step of asking for prayers and forgiveness for the person who killed her daughter.

Below is some of the feedback we have received about our stories, and we invite your response. You can write me at

Dear Mr. Henry,
Maybe I am missing something here or else I just have a very different point of view regarding the horrendous events surrounding the death of Jessie Davis. I have discussed my point of view with others, some agree, some don’t; but those that agree with me say the same thing. Did her mother, Patty Porter never discuss with her daughter the fact that she was having an adulterous affair with a married man. Did no one give this young woman a desperately needed wake up call about this unfaithful, immature, individual, Bobby Cutts?

I find it so hard to believe that she had 1 child with him already & was repeating the same behavior with him. He cheated on his wife with her & another woman. What made her think he would be faithful to her. Maybe she would be alive today & so would the baby if someone had talked some sense into her…….

Maybe instead of interviewing Patty Porter about her “alleged spirituality”, you should be asking her why she did not confront her daughter about her adultery with this man. …

I have never been able in all my life no matter how desensitized I become to some of what goes on around me, to become desensitized to murder. It is beyond my realm of belief that someone can take someone else’s life. When I reflect on that, I am just appalled every time. I may feel angry enough to say I want to kill someone; but that is just anger. I could never act on something like that. It never ceases to amaze me how easily people kill each other for some of the dumbest reasons. God help us all, we sure do need it.

Patricia Heutsche
Good afternoon sir. my name is frank. I was deeply moved by your interview with ms. porter, the mother of the late jessie davis. my heart goes out to her and her family.

Given her incredible responsibilities and unfortunate financial situation, i believe she would be the perfect candidate for abc’s extreme home makeover. It would be the minimal kind of break she needs.

given the show also airs on abc, perhaps some of your affiliates have some pull. If your superior(s) would need any convincing, explain to them the marketable ideals it could have for the network. Ms. Porter does need the communities help. Just an idea Ted. thanks for your time. – frank