Dear Reader,

Reaction to our multiple part series on Patty Porter has been strong, mostly positive, but not entirely. Patty is the mother of Jessie Davis, who was presumed murdered along with her unborn daughter several weeks ago.

Our story involved Patty Porter’s highly unusual step of asking for prayers and forgiveness for the person who killed her daughter.

Below is some of the feedback we have received about our stories, and we invite your response. You can write me at henry@newsnet5.com

Dear Mr. Henry,
Maybe I am missing something here or else I just have a very different point of view regarding the horrendous events surrounding the death of Jessie Davis. I have discussed my point of view with others, some agree, some don’t; but those that agree with me say the same thing. Did her mother, Patty Porter never discuss with her daughter the fact that she was having an adulterous affair with a married man. Did no one give this young woman a desperately needed wake up call about this unfaithful, immature, individual, Bobby Cutts?

I find it so hard to believe that she had 1 child with him already & was repeating the same behavior with him. He cheated on his wife with her & another woman. What made her think he would be faithful to her. Maybe she would be alive today & so would the baby if someone had talked some sense into her…….

Maybe instead of interviewing Patty Porter about her “alleged spirituality”, you should be asking her why she did not confront her daughter about her adultery with this man. …

I have never been able in all my life no matter how desensitized I become to some of what goes on around me, to become desensitized to murder. It is beyond my realm of belief that someone can take someone else’s life. When I reflect on that, I am just appalled every time. I may feel angry enough to say I want to kill someone; but that is just anger. I could never act on something like that. It never ceases to amaze me how easily people kill each other for some of the dumbest reasons. God help us all, we sure do need it.

Patricia Heutsche
Good afternoon sir. my name is frank. I was deeply moved by your interview with ms. porter, the mother of the late jessie davis. my heart goes out to her and her family.

Given her incredible responsibilities and unfortunate financial situation, i believe she would be the perfect candidate for abc’s extreme home makeover. It would be the minimal kind of break she needs.

given the show also airs on abc, perhaps some of your affiliates have some pull. If your superior(s) would need any convincing, explain to them the marketable ideals it could have for the network. Ms. Porter does need the communities help. Just an idea Ted. thanks for your time. – frank


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