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February 26, 2008

Dear Reader,

Below is just another slice of life along the route of covering the changing subject of spirituality. I say changing, but just about when you think you’ve got things pinned down pretty well, someone else chimes in with yet another interesting point of view.

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Hi Ted
It is wonderful that you are looking at this subject of healing. You may know that Mary Baker Eddy discovered Christian Science in the 1860’s as the result of her healing from a life-threating fall on the ice. Mrs. Eddy felt that she had re-discovered the lost art of healing. As you know the early Christians were healers as Jesus taught them to be. For almost 150 years Christian Science has been documenting healings in its publications, The Christian Science Journal, The Christian Science Sentinel, and of course its well-know newspaper, the The Christian Science Monitor, the CS textbook, Science and Health and many books filled with healings. The Science and Health has 100 pages of healings in it by those who were healed just by reading the book. There are many thousands and thousands of well-documented Christian Science healings, that are attested to by other people who knew the person and speak to knowing the person with the malady and afterwards that they were completely free from it. There are thousands of families that have relied solely on Christian Science healing for four, five and perhaps six generations and lead very healthly lives. Medical people and scientists generally waive off all of this proof as merely “anecdotal”.

I don’t know if this man can scientifcally prove healing. Perhaps he will satisfy some. But remember the old saying, “For those who believe, no proof is necessary; for those who don’t believe, no proof is possible”. Perhaps the “proof” is in the healing itself. If you are healed, you know it – and you’re grateful to God.



February 23, 2008


I received a fair amount of mail regarding my series this week on healing prayer and whether or not it can be establised as a genuine science.

Dr. Issam Nemeh, the medical doctor in Cleveland who heals spiritually is working with a NASA scientist, a Virginia scientific researcher by the name of George Szatowski. They are both conducting experiments which they contend will one day prove that prayer is real, that it’s material and can be recorded and measured, even at long distances. In so many words, they believe this type of measurable energy can also heal people of sickness. There’s more to it, of course and I attempted to tell their stories over the last few days.

Here are some of the viewer responses I have received regarding their stories:


Dear Mr. Henry,

I just want to tell you how much I enjoy and appreciate your stories on spiritual topics. I don’t subscribe to a particular religion, I just try to follow the spiritual path. Seeing your stories are like food for my soul in this day and age of sensationalism and instant gratification. The story on Dr. Nemeh is absolutely fascinating!! What ground breaking work they are doing, that could truly change the way everyone views prayer and energy work!!

Please continue to keep up the phenomenal work of reminding us of what matters most. I so appreciate and admire your efforts.


Could you please tell me how do you go see Dr. Nemeh to be prayed over? Or is it just impossible because of the demand? Thank you. Bonnie (Answer: Check out their website for new dates,

Hi Ted
I saw your report on Dr. Nemeh and found it interesting. My mother told me a couple years ago about Dr. Nemeh and his healing services. Do you know where his next healing service might be? I did go to his website and the only one listed is an event that costs $50 a person.
Barb Zuchniak


Dear Ted.

I LOVE Dr. Nemeh and have the highest regard for him.

Did you know that Reiki is the same energy that Dr. Nemeh works with?
The name “Reiki” is Japanese and means “Universal Life Energy”.

Dr. Nemeh’s ability to channel energy is very highly developed which is why I believe he has such a high success rate along with being a very spiritual person.

There is a lot of info out there about Reiki and a lot of Reiki practitioners in the Cleveland area. Infact, the Cleveland Clinic and Metro Health Medical Center offer Reiki to some of their patients. The Cleveland Clinic has an on-going scientific study of the effects of Reiki on Prostrate cancer.

I hope some day you will take the time to investigate and report on Reiki, too.

Thanks for reporting on Dr. Nemeh. He is truly a blessing and a wonderful person.



Wow! What a mind-blowing article…
Does Mr. Szatowski actually think he can put GOD in a box?

Healings, should they happen, actually come from God and not Dr. Nemeh. God may “use” Dr. Nemeh, but God is the Healer.
I’m not sure if I want to laugh or cry @ the absurdity of using a metal box to measure “electromagnetic signature as a result of prayer”.

When I see and read where science is taking us (evolution in place of creationism; cloning embryonic cells; etc.; and now this…), I am not surprised.
The bible does say Luke 21:28: “When you see these things begin to pass, look up because your redemption draweth nigh.”

So, to these scientific experiments to measure God, I say “Look around, friends; Look up…”


Dear Ted,
Thank you for your coverage of the work of Dr. Nemeh and the scientific studies of George Szatowski. I recently attended one of the healing services on behalf of my brother and was amazed at Dr. Nemeh’s faith and people’s response to it at the service. My experience at the service and the information presented by Mr. Szatowski have augmented the faith that I already had, and I look forward to further reporting on their work.
Carole Swenson


Why don’t you report on this topic after they perform the necessary experiments to prove their case. Otherwise, you are only adding to the pile of worthless dribble that is the new American idiocracy.Shem


Dear Henry;

I have been healing myself for years with prayer.

When my husband was critically ill with legionnaires disease He suffered complete organ failure, heart failure, multifactorial encephalitis, double pneumonia, was in a coma for 9 days, on a respirator the entire time.

Legionnaires outbreak / July 2004 /59 year old Cleveland city worker / Robert Dietrich / Ridge road

My pastor and many other pastors, including lay people, myself, relics from Rome surrounding his bed, every day, Folks praying for him in churches across Ohio.

They (Dr. Neil Smith and staff at Lutheran) told me , every day for a week, that he would not survive, but he did and he has little effect (frontal lobe brain damage, effects his memory and his emotions )from his illness.

I feel it was truly a miracle that he lived. I believe along with medical science, prayer brought my husband back to me. Praise be to God and Jesus. Thank you for letting me testify about God and Jesus power to you this AM.

God Bless you.

Linda Dietrich



February 22, 2008

Hello readers,

Is healing prayer something that can be proved? Is prayer science? Can the connection be verified through scientific research? What are the ramifications of this?

This is the subject of my reports this week. NASA researchers George Szatowski is an electromagetic specialist from NASA Virginia and he is working closely with medical doctor, Dr. Issam Nemeh. In their on-going research they’re attempting to prove the link between healing prayer and science, that they’re both one and the same.

I have received some interesting comments to this subject so far, and later tonight (Friday) I’ll be posting many of them.

Send me yours. E-mail me at Send me your questions and comments and I’ll see how many of them I can obtain answers for.


February 6, 2008

Thanks for all of your comments about my recent story on Amma. Amma? Don’t know who she is? Just Google her. She’s a great Indian Saint who is quite the humanitarian. Peter Jennings did stories on her when he was alive and she was honored by the United Nations because of her generous nature.

Coming up, I’ll be doing a story on other spiritual topics of interest. If you would like to bring to my attention a story you would enjoy seeing covered by TV5, just drop me a line,