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Heart And Soul
April 8, 2008

Dear Reader:

Last month I did a series of two stories on Dr. Stephen Post’s new book, “Why Good Things Happen To Good People”.  The stories were important and touched a serious note with viewers. 

The main point of the book suggests if you want to be happy, do something for someone.

Among the mail I received from viewers after these two segments aired was a letter from Stephen Post himself.  I don’t often print fan letters of any kind because, A) I don’t get them, B) there are usually more important concerns.  But I print this letter from Stephen Post, not because it praises our TV news department, but more because of what it says about him.

Stephen Post’s book is a runaway best seller throughout America and in many far flung places around the world.  I am grateful for his kindness in allowing me to share his story with you viewers, and I am grateful for his kind words. 



Dear Ted,


How can I ever thank you enough for your wonderful consideration and support. Nothing ever happens without a few really key partners, and you have become that. Wherever I go in life, I will always remember you as the one person in the Cleveland media who really made a difference, who truly contributed to a dream. You are going on my

top ten l”attitude of gratitude” list. Ted, thanks. We need to

keep in touch and I will be sure to keep you posted on things. What a gift.

I am not surprised that you have such a loyal viewing audience here in Greater Cleveland. By the way, I did a talk Saturday night at the Unitarian Church in Shaker, and mentioned how important you have been.

So Thanks!!!!!!!!

Be in touch anytime.