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May 6, 2008

Dear Viewers,

When the station invited me to host a half hour special on the art show called, “Vatican Splendors” I jumped at it.  Durning my visits to the Vatican Museum over the years I often wondered if some of the exhibit items might one day be shown in Cleveland.  That time has come.

One of the largest collections of art, documents and historically significant objects from the Vatican to ever tour North America is being shown here in Cleveland at the Western Reserve Historical Society beginning May 31st.

TV5 sent me to St. Petersburg, Florida to preview this outstanding show which is being which is being displayed in just three major American cities, St. Petersburgh, Cleveland and Minneapolis.

Approximately 200 rare objects are being presented in contextual environments, such as the recreated tomb of St. Peter.  The exhibition also features actual objects relating to the election of Pope Benedict XVI, such as election ballots, patens and urns used in voting, a ceremonial vestment and an actual white smoke cartridge announcing the election.

We’ll be airing our half hour special on this exhibit in a few weeks….keep watching Newschannel 5 for the date and time.