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Wanna Know My Prediction? I’ll Tell Ya…
October 31, 2008

Hi Reader,

The video above is a home video shot by someone in Cleveland (I don’t know who) of last minute preps at the Board of Elections, right next door to TV5 at E. 30th and Euclid. Next Tuesday will be a blurrrrr.

My predictions for president?  Never said I’d answer that one.  My predictions for the turn-out?  Much closer than anyone is saying.  Most now say we’re looking at an Obama blow-out.  I guess I’ve watch too many elections from my perch here at Newschannel 5.  It feels like I’ve seen a hundred of them.

In any event, as I keep an eye on ALL the polling indicators, I am finding that the key tracking polls have the gap steadily closing.  The options:

– An Obama blow out

– Obama in a squeaker

– McCain in a squeaker

My prediction?  A squeaker.  By whom? Dunno yet.

Two things always surprise me, the accuracy of the polls and how much they change several days out from election day.

Agree?  Think I’m all wet?  Let me know.  Write me at

See ya,



Way To Go Charlie…… We love ya!
October 30, 2008

Howdy Reader – feeling good today?

Phillies manager Charlie Manuel is my hero today.  Of course, he was my hero a year ago today, also.  Makes no difference to me that the Phillies won the World Series last night.  What does matter is the joy it brings to Charlie.  He is one quality human being.

I never got to know him when he was here in Cleveland, but I ALWAYS admired him, just the same way I admire Romero.  There’s something about quality people who live from their heart.  The most I can say concering how I feel for Charlie, if he were my boss, I’d follow him anywhere.

There you have it, one long suffering Indians fan grasping straws, just like you.  If we can’t have a winner here, we can at least relish former Clevelanders who are winners today.

Write me your thoughts.

Below of some of your comments.





I didn’t know who to send this too, though I’d start with you.

I’ve got the bailout blues – so much press and negativity about the current plan; everyone wondering how it will help ease things for the little person.  Well, here’s a though – yes, It came in an email – that makes some sense to me.

Take the funds from the current bailout plan, spread it out to all U.S. Citizens age 18, or 21 if you like, or older, and tax it before distributing.  What each person does with the funds they receive is their choice – pay off a mortgage or loans, buy a new car, invest it, or go on a wild spending spree.  No matter how they use the monies it will help the economy; Banks will have more funds from paid off loans, retailers & auto dealer will see an increase in sales, the stock market will see new life.  The wise individual will use the funds in a way to help their current financial position; other may not but then shame on them.  And, let the “big guys”, the ones that are now in trouble either find a way to dig themselves out or go under.  It’s greed that got them in this pickle and I don’t have much sympathy for them.

This isn’t a perfect plan but it perhaps deserves a bit of consideration.

Thanks for letting me vent & share!  Keep up the great reporting.




I am asking you  if you could please take time to
talk about our POW/MIA this is 29 yrs. that we our having Recognition
Day for our POW/MIA and there families I know talk about lot of thing.

But this is very important thing and the people got know about them I
well be doing my part with my friend & family, other veterans, I am 13th
District POW/MIA Chairman for the American Legion here in Cuyahoga

I have two events first is reading the names second is balloon launch.
You have any? Please call me I enclosed flyer and I invite you to come
and see what this event all about.

We look forward to seeing you there
Again thank you very much

Ralph Tharpe
13th District POW/MIA Chairman


Hi Ted,

I enjoy reading the blogs on your site.  How about questioning people  on how
they feel about the clustering process within the diocese of  Cleveland?

This is a HOT topic and bound to get a lot of comments that  could possibly be
used as part of our clustering process.

Bishop Lennon  needs to know the
reactions of his “flock” regarding his proposal to close/merge  parishes.

Thanks for your consideration of this topic.




I sent my “economic proposal to Barack’s website, Dennis Kucinich, and to the Akron Beacon Journal.

I feel I have a very strong option to help the economy in its struggles.  Rather than bail out the upper echelon for their poor management, use the money for the people who work hard for a paycheck and can’t earn a living in this day and age.

Help us that work 40 hours and can’t make the bills now with gas and groceries so high it’s out of reach.

If the government sunk money into those of us who are ready to file bankruptcy, are in pending foreclosure, have tried to work in the system and who “making ends meet” is not even feasible then money would go into the economy, people can keep the houses they have paid on forever, the stress level of the lower middle class and the higher poverty level working people would benefit the failing banks, give humans a chance to live (rather than the rich establishments) and boost the economy—probably for less money than this newly proposed buy out.

Carol J. Lieb
Gardendale Avenue
Akron, OH 44310-3925

Dave Patterson, and WIXY- 1260, SUPER RADIO…..
October 28, 2008

Hi Reader,

From time to time we do a news series called, “Remember When”.  On this 8 minute clip above we remembered the days of Dave Patterson, my co-anchor for many years and WIXY radio.  Grab a cup of coffee and relax, this video post lasts nearly 9 minutes.  Who posted it, who discovered it and who’s behind this?  I don’t have a clue.  But it is entertaining. There’s even a short black and white video clip of one of my first TV weather reports on WAKR in Akron, circa 1966! Yikes.


PS:  Here are some more comments and questions from some of you….. keep writing. Email me at


I agree whole-heartedly that this is the most important election in a very long time, if not ever.  I just want people to ask themselves if they think they are truly better of that they were 7 1/2 years ago.  I am a democrat.

I think the most important thing in this election is that democrats get over the Obama versus Hillary thing.  If you supported Sen. Clinton in the primaries and you cast a vote for McCain,  then you must check yourself.  This would be a knee-jerk reaction to the loss of your candidate.  Obama and Clinton have nearly identical policies that differ greatly from the policies of McBush.

I will admit that I did vote for Clinton in the primaries,  but I always felt that we were  in a win-win situation, with two absolutely wonderful democrat candidates.  If you supported Hillary and vote fot McSame… are going against everthing that Clinton stands for.  If you cannot get over your anger,  please stay home on election day.

How can you so passionately support Hillary and vote for McCain and then be able to look at yourself in the mirror.  Please let me say it again…McCain GOES AGAINST EVERYTHING THAT HILLARY STANDS FOR.  Period.  Please cast youe vote on policies,  not dissappointment.  Policies or stay home !

Tracy in Fairview Park
Lover of America
Caring about the disadvantaged,  as well as the privelaged.
WHere do you stand ?

Hi Ted,

I saw you interviewing the pastor and I really liked his comment on retirement.  Our church and the ones in our association are small enough to not have to hire a pastor.  Our ministers work full-time jobs and still serve God.  That doesn’t mean it’s not right to hire one.  If the church is large, one man cannot hold down a job and service his congregation the way they need it; as long as he is in it to win souls and not for worldly riches.  I think some of the TV ministers are in it for the money.

My grandfather was an ordained minister for more than 50 years when he passed away at the age of 91.  It has been a few years since he was a pastor but he still preached the gospel until he became too ill to go to church.  He had cancer the last two years he lived. And had gone blind the last few years and had to listen to the bible on tape.

My dad has retired from his public job; he is 72 years old and is pastor of his church.  I have known preachers who preached their last sermon, sat down in the seat nearby and died right there.

When your pastor said he couldn’t retire, what was after retirement, death.  I really liked that comment and it made me have great respect for him.  The ministers I have personally known during my lifetime do not quit preaching and still serve as pastors as long as they are well enough and have strength enough to serve their congregations and win souls to Christ.

Brenda Booth


It is apparent that you are for universal healthcare run by the federal government.  That would be a disaster!  You say on your newscast that 46 million americans have no health insurance.  That is a little over 15% of the U.S. population.  That means that you want to wipe out a system that provides care for 85% of the population to address the 15% without.  That doesn’t make sense.

You interview people on the street who say they are poor and cannot afford medical care.  Why are they not on Medicaid?

I agree that in this country, no one should go without healthcare because they can’t afford it.  The worst off are the $20,000 – $40,000 households that don’t meet the needs test for Medicaid and have jobs that don’t provide medical benefits.

Many of these are the young families who need pediatric care for children.  This segment of the population should be provided coverage either through mandated employment insurance that would deduct a small percentage of their pay toward insurance, with employer and government contribution toward the balance.

Medicaid is in place, administered by the states, why not expand this system to provide coverage for a broader range of the uninsuered?  Why re-invent the wheel?  Yes, Medicaid has its problems, but it is a system that has experience and is in place.  Do what is necessary to increase its efficiency.

Joe Mallone

(( Dear Joe, Thanks for the letter.  I don’t recall ever revealing my views on this subject.  It is a subject that is quite controversial and look for it to be debated for a long time to come.  Thanks, Ted ))

Send me your comments and questions to

Mail Bag Day…
October 27, 2008

Hi Reader,

Here’s a look at Cleveland anchors (from a few years ago).  I post this as a way to say adios to Tim White from WKYC.  I got to know Tim just a little since he first came to Cleveland, but I’ve always respected him and his work at TV3.  He’s had a good career here and he’s well prepared to enter any new set of challenges he chooses.  I wish him well.


Here’s a sampling of some of the mail I’ve been receiving of late.  You comments and questions, of course, are always welcome.  Send them to me at


Hi Ted–   Forgot to check this out when I caught the end of your interview a while ago.  Who was the woman and the book she wrote who died while in surgery and then came back and documented her experiences?

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Joni Whitmyer

((( Thanks Joni, the woman was Nanci Danison and her book is, “Backwards” )))

(about my Heart and Soul story Friday night regarding Tom Acierno’s spiritual views)


That really got me upset to hear that author with his incorrect and dangerous ideas about getting to Heaven and I am still upset.  I wanted to state again that The Bible is very clear.  We are all sinners and in need of salvation from our sins and Hell.  To get to Heaven, a person must put their faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior, for the forgiveness of their sins.  Let your viewers, this author, and others know that.

Thank you.

James P. Coco, CPA
230 S. Court Street, Suite 2
Medina, Ohio 44256
Phone # (330) 723.2502
Fax # (330) 591.4313


Hi Ted,

I was watching the report on your news show and you seemed to think that your poll of 90% of the people would not use the buses.  You said that those who worked at a place like new channel five would surely be using it.

I was wondering if you’d be using it on a regular basis to get to and from work.  You made no comment on your possible use of the multimillion dollar project.  Just wondering.

Thanks for you time,

(( From Ted:  No Bruce, I won’t ride the busses, but I will drive daily down the new Euclid Ave, however I know we have workers who will be coming to work here at 30th and Euclid on the bus.  Thanks, Ted)))


Please please make sure you cover this story well. The only way we can assure our vote counts is that any bad or illegal practices are brought to the light. I don’t care about any partisan spin. I just want one vote for one person, and that one vote be an actual legitimately registered Ohio voter.

Thanks in advance, I don’t always get to watch the tv newscasts but is in my bookmarks and I check it several times a day.

Jean Sabo

(( Thanks Jean, you just made my day, Ted))


Birth Authentication
Radical and Terrorist Affiliations (Ayers and others)
Meidcal/Shool Records

I am an indenpendent and I want someone with more than 5 months as a Senator as
the President of the United States, I don’t want a MARXIST as President either.

I thought you were honest and had integrity. I thought you investigated ALL THE
CANDIDATES and their backgrounds.NOT JUST A SELECT FEW but ALL of them.



(( Thanks Carol, we’re all working hard and doing the very best we can, Ted))



Yes, I will be watching although intermittently.  I have grown considerably annoyed with the “sore losers” in the Hillary Rodham Clinton camp.  When did it become acceptable to gripe because you lost?

It is a fact of life no matter who you are.  No one gets everything they want ALL the time.  Suck it up and move on – the majority of the voters have spoken.  Although I lost a lot of respect for Senator Clinton because of all her inaccuracies, her seeming entitlement attitude and the level at which she ran her campaign – I would have fully supported her – if had she won.

The media attention being spent on her supporters’ disappointment would be better directed toward presenting the REAL national issues and how these presidential candidates plan to resolve some of them.

Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion on this issue.

C. Howard-Wiggins

GODTUBE.COM? I never heard of it before….until now… CLICK & PLAY
October 26, 2008

Hi Reader, 

Click the link below for an interesting TV5 video somebody posted to a website I never heard of before, GODTUBE.COM.



  Dear Ted Henry,  
Hey – Did you guys know you are on God Tube! LOL susan tinlin
This link was sent to you by susan tinlin
  GodTube is a global online community that creates social networking tools for the faith-based and family friendly marketplace, allowing users to connect and share their faith and lives with others through videos, photos, blogs, prayers and more. Join our network today!  
For more information visit or email us at


Ted again:

I have two questions:

1- What does this video have to do with faith based websites?

2- Who posted it and why? Any of you have any idea?

Write me at



A Long Long Journey To Self…..
October 24, 2008

Dear Reader,

On today’s, “Heart And Soul” segment (Friday’s at 6pm on Newschannel5) I tell the story of Tom Acierno and his amazing 15 year journey to spiritually redefine himself.  Here’s the kicker, he did this all by himself.

Over the years I have come across many people who have chosen to grow themselves spiritually, whether it was within their own religion, or outside of religion.  Most become inspired and taught by gifted wise people, by mentors and teachers.  Not Tom.  How he did this is beyond me.

Tom’s search culminated in a book he wrote called, “A Whisper In God’s Ear”.  Watch this space soon for a link to his video story:

Link to Tom’s story: 


If you’re interested, you can read more about Tom’s amazing story by picking up a copy of his book.  “A Whisper In God’s Year was published in 2008 by Arbor Books, Inc.

Comments, questions or criticisms?  Pass them along to me at



POP QUIZ: Who is this guy?
October 23, 2008

Hi Reader,

If you guessed Dan Hackle, you’re right.  Those of you who remember Dan, raise your hand!

So here I am driving home from work one night at midnight listening to SRN news, that’s Salem Radio Network news.  There was a report from Israel about some government action and the correspondent signed off saying he was Dan Hackel.  Dan Hackel? 

Dan Hackel was an anchorman at TV5 TEN YEARS BEFORE I ARRIVED ON THE SCENE.  The guy’s still working. Furthermore, he sounds great. 

I looked him up on Google, and sure enough, it’s the very same Dan Hackel I remember listening to when I was a kid.  This does make me feel old.

Please let me know if you of you knew him.  Write me at

PS: Here’s a blub on Dan I picked up from the net:

Veteran broadcast journalist and professor Dan Hackel is on his second tour of duty in Israel as a U.S. network correspondent. He began in Israel with CNN, then moved to Anchor in Atlanta. In between his Israel stints, he was Professor of Mass Communications in U.S. universities, becoming Chair of the School of Film & Video at Miami-Dade College in Florida. He holds a Master`s degree from the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University in New York. He was also a U.S. foreign correspondent in Latin America for NBC, and a Washington correspondent covering the White House for ABC. He previously was founding News Director for Jewish Television Network in Los Angeles. He has worked for Israel Radio and America`s National Public Radio network. He is currently Middle East Correspondent for SRN Radio Network, with 1,200 U.S. stations.



From Tom to Ted about “Angie’s” story on my Heart and Soul segment last week:

hi Angie, I recently saw you on Ted Henry’s Heart & Soul. It is obvious to me that your soul is blessed with grace, compassion, and beauty.

I want to thank you for teaching the rest of us the meaning of inner strength, courage, and spiritual inspiration.
You are truly a “being of light”. You grace this earth with your presence.




(( More politics ))

Sarah Palin does not get my vote.  She has never been on the national scene, knows nothing about foreign policy and is way too sarcastic for my taste. The republicans will continue Iraq and McCain/Palin will  probaly irritate more countries into talking war with us.  The country needs careful diplomacy at this moment in time.
I feel McCain put her on the ticket as his attack dog because he knew he could not compete with Obama/Biden.  McCain scares me. We are entering a new world and I believe the baton ought to be passed to a new age.  Afterall, it is Obama and McCain running for president not Palin and Biden. However, the heartbeat away that I prefer is the more foreign policy experienced Biden.
Thank you,
Mary S.
Cuyahoga Falls


(( A letter about socialized health care))

(( And a “DIG” at all of us reporters))


 I definitely do NOT want Socialized Health Care for Americans.  Has anyone talked with the Canadians who have it and have to wait months  to see a doctor, because there are so many others waiting to get  to see the same doctors.  Or those Canadians who come to the states to seek medical care, because they cannot wait to see the Canadian doctor; as they are to sick and would probably be on death’s door by the time they have an appointment to see their own dr. 

Sure, Socialized medicine would mean everyone may have insurance, but the price (not the monetary price) we would pay will be worse than anyone can imagine.

Also, It’s time that people quit acting like the government owes them everything.  I am so sick and tired of people saying the system/government/etc. owe me this. 

Ted, I am also so fed up with YOU and the Liberal News Media.  When you work for the media, you should keep your personal opinions to yourselves and not show them on the air.  You should be non-judge-mental on everything the conservatives do or say.  If the media stayed out of everyone’s business, it would be a much  better world. 

I’m tired of hearing that Palin can’t control of her own daughter, just because she’s pregnant, how can she take care of the government.  Excuse me, if she were a man, would anyone question him on the fact that his daughter was pregnant out of wed lock and he may not be able to run the country.  Come on folks, get real.  She’s had more government experience than either Obama or his running mate.  She’s run a city and a state…what have they done. NOTHING.  Esp. O’bama.  Since he took office in the senate, he’s been off running for President.  Must be nice to be paid for doing your job while you are out seeking another job.  I don’t know of any business that would allow that to happen.  He is cheating the people of his state by not doing the job he was elected to do and by accepting his salary for doing the job that he is not doing.  If he had been in the Senate at least a full term, I may feel differently, but he is just too wet behind the ears.



(( Another guy who says ABC is liberal.  (We’re not!) ))


I have respected you for years, but it seems that ABC News is leaning so far to the left, that I have switched to other stations. I know this isn’t totally a reflection on Cleveland’s Channel 5, but I want my news unbiased. A several weeks ago there was a story by an ABC (network) reporter in Iraq who was polling US soldiers coming out of a facility, about who they supported for President. They didn’t say how many were for McCain, only that 5 out of 6 (or something like that) were either for Obama or undecided. They didn’t mention that they interviewed dozens, only the few in a row that fit the network’s needs were reported. This information came from a soldier who WAS THERE. He was in the line of soldiers, and he said almost everyone else was for McCain. If I recall, the reporter was either Kate Snow, or Marth Radatz.

 Read this story below, and see if you can recall how it was reported on your station. I don’t know because I have stopped watching channel 5 after finding out about the above story.

 I miss seeing the Channel 5 crew. So, tell the WHOLE story, if you’re allowed to.

 Kindest regards,

David A. Belin

Aurora, OH

(a former Newsnet 5 watcher)


thanks all…and keep em coming…. ted


He Is One Of The Very BEST!
October 22, 2008

Hi Reader,

Say hello to John Schaffer above.  Until he retired he was one of the best engineers TV5 ever employed.  John will forever be my co-worker and my friend.

I found this picture of him (using some now ancient tape equipment) as I was rummaging through some old photos and decided to post it here.  John’s fighting some challenging health issues right now, but always his spirits are high.

Many people give us “up front” TV people way too much credit for making our station look good on the air.  The real credit goes to those behind the scenes.  John can fix anything.  I call him a genius at his craft. I am grateful for his friendship.

Got a spare prayer in ya today?  Send it John’s way.


Received this letter from a local guy fed up with the way sports are treated today, and I thought you might like it.

What the Browns are doing with K2 is just typical as to what is occurring in our country today. Management (Government) tries to hide critical information from us, I believe Romeo and Savage need to start reprimanding the players that play poorly like Edwards and Anderson instead of a player that speaks the truth about management.
What happened to free speech? What would your boss do if your performance rating was less than 30%, you’d probably be fired?.. Anderson and Edwards, isn’t their performance detrimental to the team?
Bob In Ashtabula
(Thanks, Bob)
(Here’s another…)
Dear Mr. Henry,
In all the coverage of the upcoming elections the local media has forgotten the racially diverse community here in the Cleveland area. 
No one has addressed the leaders in the Arab, Hispanic or Asian community about our concerns and what is important to us regarding the issues we face. Especially the immigration and foreign policy issues.
I hope you will consider making this a feature in the election coverage in the upcoming days or weeks.
Thankyou and God bless. 

Tiffany Kehoe
Office Manager & Executive Assistant

Al-Sahafa Newspaper Corporation
11535 Lorain Avenue  /Suite # 1
Cleveland, Ohio 44111———————————–Thanks Tiffany, we’re trying, we’re trying.

Email me at


Controversy That Speaks For Itself…
October 21, 2008

Hi Reader,

I get lots of email.  Sometimes the focus is quite controversial.  Without taking sides, from time to time I will present some examples of the letters sent to me to give you a better understanding of how our viewers see the world.  From time to time I’ll try to answer some of these concerns in this blog, but today I’ll just present the mail as it was sent to me, without comment.


(From Stephanie in Cleveland to Ted)
This is an actual editorial from Investor’s Business Daily July 7, 2008     here is the link Kerry

Ready for a shock?  Below is an article from the London Times about our military.   Interesting, it is!  Our media coverage is shameful!
Winning  Isn’t News

Iraq: What would happen if the U.S. won a war but the media didn’t tell the American public? Apparently, we have to rely on a British newspaper for the news that we’ve defeated the  last remnants of al-Qaida in Iraq.

London’s Sunday Times called it ‘the culmination of one of the most spectacular  victories of the war on terror.’ A terrorist force that once numbered more than 12,000, with strongholds in the west and central regions of Iraq, has over two years been reduced to a mere 1,200 fighters, backed against the wall in the northern city of Mosul.

The  destruction of al-Qaida in Iraq (AQI) is one of the most unlikely and unforeseen events in the l ong history of American warfare. We can thank President Bush’s surge strategy, in which he bucked both Republican  and Democratic leaders in Washington by increasing our forces there instead of surrendering.

We  can also thank the leadership of the new general he placed in charge there, David Petraeus, who may be the foremost expert in the world  on counter-insurgency warfare. And we can thank those serving in our military in Iraq who engaged local Iraqi tribal leaders and convinced them America was their friend and AQI their enemy.

Al-Qaida’s loss of the hearts and minds of ordinary Iraqis began in Anbar Province , which had been written off as a basket case, and spread out from there.

Now, in Operation Lion’s Roar the Iraqi army and  the U.S. 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment is destroying the fraction of terrorists who are left.  More than 1,000 AQI operatives have already been apprehended.

Sunday Times reporter Marie Colvin, traveling  with Iraqi forces in Mosul, found little AQI presence even in  bullet-ridden residential areas that were once insurgency strongholds, and reported that the terrorists have lost control of its Mosul urban base, with what is left of the organization having fled south into the countryside.

Meanwhile, the State Department reports that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s government has achieved  ‘satisfactory’ progress on 15 of the 18 political benchmarks ‘a big  change for the better from a year ago.’
Things are going so well that Maliki has even for the first time floated the idea of a timetable for withdrawal of American forces. He did so while visiting the United Arab Emirates, which over the weekend announced that it was forgiving almost $7 billion of debt owed by Baghdad, an impressive vote of confidence from a  fellow Arab state in the future of a free Iraq.

But where are the headlines and the front-page stories about all this good  news? As the Media Research Center pointed out last week, ‘the CBS Evening News, NBC Nightly News and CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 were silent Tuesday night about the benchmarks ‘that signaled political progress.’

The war in Iraq  has been turned around180 degrees both militarily and politically because the president stuck to his guns. Yet apart from IBD, Fox News Channel and parts of the foreign press, the media don’t seem to consider this historic event a big story.

Copyright 2008 Investor’s Business Daily. All Rights Reserved.
Addendum:  The reason you haven’t seen this on American television or read about it in the American press is simple–journalism is ‘dead’ in this country.  They are controlled by Liberal Democrats who would rather see our troops defeated than recognize a successful Republican initiated response to 9/11.

Stephanie McNally
Account Executive
ph  |  216.373.8327
fax |  914.612.2271
1228 Euclid Avenue | Cleveland, Ohio 44115 |


Dear Ted,
My nephew is being sent home due to a bomb threat at their high school. Unreal world we are living in. My dad just called to tell me as my nephew lives with him. Even in the middle of the country-in a Duke’s of Hazzard setting… these kids are dealing with crazy stuff.
Dianna Hill
(From Marilyn Jensen to Ted)
We want to hear more about Obama’s connection with ACCORN.  Why is he
getting away with it?  It is fraud and we as legal citizens demand

this be investigated and stopped and that the news people put it on
the air so Americans know about it.  Obama has bought off most of the
TV media and Americans are fed up and ready to sue the TV and Radio
stations for lack of accurate and in-depth coverage of the truth of
Obama’s involvement with ACCORN.  If Obama has used my dead relatives
to count as votes for himself  I will most definately sue the bugger.
We as Americans are outraged with this. We know he is involved from
other stations reports.  Wake Up


Dear Ted,
As a former Clevelander, I am very sad to hear of all of the election
voter registration fraud occurring in Ohio including the Cleveland
area.  Why is it that none of the mainstream media has not reported on
this, except for Fox News?  They interviewed a gentleman on Public
Square this afternoon who had registered to vote approximately 15
times!  This is a very important election for our nation.  I always
believed that all of media should be fair and balanced.  This has been
in the news forefront for two days now, and there is nothing about it on
Newsnet 5, CNN, or even MSNBC.  It’s very disappointing.

Susan Yoder
Sarasota, Florida


(To Ted from Teresa)

Pres. Clinton signed a bill, NESARA I believe it is called.
Instead of bailing out Wall Street, why not zero out all debt period –
for all U.S. Citizens and businesses including local and state governments.  That way, everyone benefits and it places everyone on an even playing field.
No one would loose their homes, cars, etc. Businesses would be able to begin building their business again.  States and municipalities (by what ever name they go by) would be able to start with a clean slate to do what ever is important to that area, school systems, too.  EVERYONE would benefit.
We all know that the Federal Reserve is a privately held/owned institution and that the IRS is a collection agent for the Federal Reserve.  We also know that the U.S. dollar is fiat money, not real money backed by any kind of gold or precious metal.  Its printed at whim and will.  We also know that our mortgages, credit card transactions and other financial transactions are not legit either.  So why not stop now, and fix all of that when you have the opportunity to do so.  Maybe we should have a new currency as well as is part of the NESARA agreement.
Maybe its time for NESARA to become a reality.
Teresa George

Hi Ted Henry,

My name is David Barstow and I am writing to find out about my vote.
In general elections I feel all of are votes count but in the Primary
elections I feel my vote does not count only the Delegates vote counts,and when the
party has enough votes the rest of the countrymeans nothing. The same with the
Presidental race it is only the
electorial vote that counts . My question I quess is why should I vote fo any
thing other than issues.

Thank You,
David Barstow


“Cleveland Rocks”, The Music Video….(just click it)
October 19, 2008

Hi Reader,

Hope you did as I asked.  “Cleveland Rocks” is still a hit for many of us, those of us who are always proud of our community.

I posted this Drew Carey Show original theme because of what I got in the mail yesterday, my umpteenth residual check from the Screen Actors Guild.  Believe me, I’m not getting rich fast having made three guest appearances on Drew’s old show. 

Two of my appearances were speaking roles, playing a Cleveland newscaster reading a fictitious script that had to do with some screwball hair brained plot.  The shows were fun, the money was not (not that I ever did this for money in the first place).

The network rules are simple.  You perform a speaking role on an accredited show, you get paid.  And now that the Drew Carey Show has been in worldwide circulation for the past ten years, I get paid every quarter.

Wanna know what the bottom line is after taxes and other incidental costs are subtracted?  $16.94   That’s for a total of 25 “runs” in worldwide circulation.   In case you’re ever interested, the show I’m paid the most for is called, “Volunteer”.  I forget the plot but my scene takes place in the Drew Carey show bar when Drew and his buddies are talking about some trouble with the law they’re involved with when all of a sudden Drew notices that I’m on the news talking about a police case that involves him.  The camera swings up to the TV set located above the bar and there I am blathering on for :25 about this Drew Carey crime the show is centered around.  It was fun, and in case you’re interested, Drew Carey is every bit the down to earth amusing fella he plays on TV.