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March 27, 2009

Hi Class,

I hope you caught my story on Helga Sandburg tonight.  If not, just click on the following link to see it again:

Click on this link for maybe the best report on-line about Helga and her father, Carl Sandburg.  The link is:

And if you want more information about world famous poet, Carl Sandburg, consider the following: 

carl sandburg biographyCarl Sandburg’s Biography
1878 – 1967

Author-poet Carl Sandburg was born in the three-room cottage at 313 East Third Street in Galesburg on January 6, 1878. The modest house, which is maintained by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, reflects the typical living conditions of a late nineteenth century working-class family. Many of the furnishings once belonged to the Sandburg family. Behind the home stands a small wooded park. There, beneath Remembrance Rock, lie the ashes of Carl Sandburg, who died in 1967.

Early Years

Carl August Sandburg was born the son of Swedish immigrants August and Clara Anderson Sandburg. The elder Sandburg, a blacksmith’s helper for the nearby Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad, purchased the cottage in 1873. Carl, called “Charlie” by the family, was born the second of seven children in 1878. A year later the Sandburgs sold the small cottage in favor of a larger house in Galesburg.

Carl Sandburg worked from the time he was a young boy. He quit school following his graduation from eighth grade in 1891 and spent a decade working a variety of jobs. He delivered milk, harvested ice, laid bricks, threshed wheat in Kansas, and shined shoes in Galesburg’s Union Hotel before traveling as a hobo in 1897.

His experiences working and traveling greatly influenced his writing and political views. As a hobo he learned a number of folk songs, which he later performed at speaking engagements. He saw first-hand the sharp contrast between rich and poor, a dichotomy that instilled in him a distrust of capitalism.

When the Spanish-American War broke out in 1898 Sandburg volunteered for service, and at the age of twenty was ordered to Puerto Rico, where he spent days battling only heat and mosquitoes. Upon his return to his hometown later that year, he entered Lombard College, supporting himself as a call fireman.

Sandburg’s college years shaped his literary talents and political views. While at Lombard, Sandburg joined the Poor Writers’ Club, an informal literary organization whose members met to read and criticize poetry. Poor Writers’ founder, Lombard professor Phillip Green Wright, a talented scholar and political liberal, encouraged the talented young Sandburg.

Writer, Political Organizer, Reporter

Sandburg honed his writing skills and adopted the socialist views of his mentor before leaving school in his senior year. Sandburg sold stereoscope views and wrote poetry for two years before his first book of verse, In Reckless Ecstasy, was printed on Wright’s basement press in 1904. Wright printed two more volumes for Sandburg, Incidentals (1907) and The Plaint of a Rose (1908).

As the first decade of the century wore on, Sandburg grew increasingly concerned with the plight of the American worker. In 1907 he worked as an organizer for the Wisconsin Social Democratic party, writing and distributing political pamphlets and literature. At party headquarters in Milwaukee, Sandburg met Lilian Steichen, whom he married in 1908.

The responsibilities of marriage and family prompted a career change. Sandburg returned to Illinois and took up journalism. For several years he worked as a reporter for the Chicago Daily News, covering mostly labor issues and later writing his own feature.

Internationally Recognized Author

Sandburg was virtually unknown to the literary world when, in 1914, a group of his poems appeared in the nationally circulated Poetry magazine. Two years later his book Chicago Poems was published, and the thirty-eight-year-old author found himself on the brink of a career that would bring him international acclaim. Sandburg published another volume of poems, Cornhuskers, in 1918, and wrote a searching analysis of the 1919 Chicago race riots.

More poetry followed, along with Rootabaga Stories (1922), a book of fanciful children’s tales. That book prompted Sandburg’s publisher, Alfred Harcourt, to suggest a biography of Abraham Lincoln for children. Sandburg researched and wrote for three years, producing not a children’s book, but a two-volume biography for adults. His Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years, published in 1926, was Sandburg’s first financial success. He moved to a new home on the Michigan dunes and devoted the next several years to completing four additional volumes, Abraham Lincoln: The War Years, for which he won the Pulitzer Prize in 1940. Sandburg continued his prolific writing, publishing more poems, a novel, Remembrance Rock, a second volume of folk songs, and an autobiography, Always the Young Strangers. In 1945 the Sandburgs moved with their herd of prize-winning goats and thousands of books to Flat Rock, North Carolina. Sandburg’s Complete Poems won him a second Pulitzer Prize in 1951. Sandburg died at his North Carolina home July 22, 1967. His ashes were returned, as he had requested, to his Galesburg birthplace. In the small Carl Sandburg Park behind the house, his ashes were placed beneath Remembrance Rock, a red granite boulder. Ten years later the ashes of his wife were placed there.

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March 19, 2009



If you would like to learn more about Dr. Bahman Guyuron’s migraine surgery procedure, you can contact him at his office.  He has several offices since he also heads up the plastic surgery department at University Hospitals.


The best way to find him is by going to his website,


To see my Thursday 6pm news story on migraine surgery, just click on this link:


The information below is taken from his website:


When deemed appropriate, the surgical procedures will be performed by Dr. Bahman Guyuron. Dr. Guyuron, who is an internationally respected plastic surgeon, has developed the techniques to eliminate or reduce migraine headaches. Dr. Guyuron is a clinical professor of plastic surgery and has published over 140 articles and book chapters and two plastic surgery textbooks. Dr. Guyuron has been bestowed the honor of being recognized as one of the best doctors in America by the medical community.

Dr. Deborah A. Reed is a board certified neurologist with special certification in headache and pain management. Dr. Reed did her residency training in both Neurology and Neurosurgery at University Hospitals of Cleveland. Prior to joining the American Migraine Center, Dr. Reed was in private practice and taught Neurology to residents at Akron City Hospital. Dr. Reed has participated in drug trials, has written book chapters, and is actively involved in migraine headache research.

American Migraine Center
29001 Cedar Rd., Ste. 303
Lyndhurst, OH 44124

Phone – (440) 442-6000
Toll Free – (800) 442-6804
Fax – (440) 442-6087



 The following is from Wikepedia….the on-line encyclopedia website:

Ohio Plastic Surgeon Dr. Bahman Guyuron Chair of Plastic Surgery at Case Western Reserve University, was the first to explore and describe trigger site surgery to relieve migraines. His serendipitous discovery followed revelation by several of his patients that their migraines had disappeared following cosmetic brow lifts. This prompted a series of retrospective and prospective studies with gratifying results.[4] However, this type of migraine surgery is not offered as a first line of treatment, rather it is used after extensive evaluation and failure of medical treatment.[5][6] Trials are still ongoing to standardize the procedures of choice for definitive management of migraine headaches, but there have been successful guidelines for surgical therapy , which are being used by several migraine surgery specialists around the globe. Currently this treatment has institutional approval for adults, and trials for the pediatric population are ongoing.

Details of the procedure

Patients have to be screened preoperatively with a full neurological examination, and subsequent Botox injection and/or nasal endoscopy. A positive response to Botox predicts a favorable outcome of surgery. Single or multiple TS could exist and after proper identification, the surgical approach is planned. Migraine headaches can start in one area depending on their corresponding trigger site and spread to the rest of the forehead. It is important to identify the initial trigger sites rather than address all the areas of pain, after the inflammation involves the entire trigeminal tree. The following migraine headaches corresponds to their four separate trigger sites and are addressed individually either with multiple surgeries or more commonly on a single setting. Sometime alleviation of one trigger site results in unmasking a second site.


I am no expert and if you go on line you’ll find tons of information about this procedure.  Standard advice always applies.  Talk to your own personal physician first, mention what you’ve learned here and then proceed from that point.  And good luck.

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March 16, 2009

Hi Reader,

It was a great opportunity to meet and interview the music director of The Cleveland Orchestra, Franz Welser-Most.  Welser-Most is doing so well with The Cleveland, as it’s called, that he just signed on to be with the orchestra at least until 2018, which will be the 100th anniversary of our world famous orchestra.

To see my 11pm Monday story on Franz Welser-Most, just click on to this video link:

To see my entire video interview with Franz Welser-Most, just click on to this video link:

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Father Dominic
March 13, 2009

Hi Viewers,

On my Heart and Soul segment today, I introduced you to an outstanding Catholic priest, Father Dominic Mondzelewski.  This very friendly priest is a Bnendictine Monk, he was a high school teacher for 41 years, a principal of 17 years and now he’s pastor of St. Lawrence Church.

Father Dominic suffers from congestive heart failure and he’s living now at Regina Health Care Center in Richfield.   I’m sure he’d like to hear from many of you who were students of his over the past five decades.  You can call him at Regina Health Care at 330 569-4161 and they’ll connect you to his room. 

Click on this link below if you would like to see his video story on our Heart and Soul segment:

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Hello Fr. Dom and Ted. I am a former student of Fr. DOminic, and a graduate of Benedictine, Class of 1970. Hard to believe that was such a short time ago.

Fr. Dom and I go back a bit. I recall when you delivered the Invocation during a commencement ceremony I coordinated as an administrator for Cuyahoga Community College in the mid 1980’s.

You were always encouraging, and always supportive as I was a student, and later as I began my career in higher education. On behalf of the thousands of “Men of Benedictine” you so ably motivated and inspired, Thanks for being a great teacher, a great mentor, and an even greater spiritual leader.

I last saw you in winter of 2004, on the Campus of Benedictine, during the football championship banquet. I always knew if I had been coaching wrestling at my alma mater, we would have celebrated many state and national titles in wrestling as well. See….there it is again…. the Bengal confidence and competence you always brought out in your students.

We have been blessed by your presence early, and so we are yet.

May the Lord smile on you now and forever.

Yours in Christ, Elijah Hardman Whitten, BHS ‘70

March 6, 2009

Hi Reader,

This is the number many of you are asking for: 800 969-2000.  This is the Silent Unity prayer request line that is in operation with live prayer responders 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

This prayer line is just that.  These people don’t preach, they don’t dispense advice or counsel people, they just pray for anyone and everyone who calls them.

Silent Unity is run by Unity Church and they welcome your call about anything, losing jobs, mortgage difficulty, health issues, marriage issues or anything else.

And for those of you who did not see our report live during my weekly Friday 6pm Heart and Soul series, just click on the line below to see our video story:

Video link:

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Prayer Request Line
March 5, 2009

Hi Reader,

Check out Friday’s Heart and Soul segment.  It’s about a prayer request line that is staffed 24/7 and right now you might be able to guess the nature of requests being made. 

It mostly has to do these days with people holding on to their jobs and their homes.  More details and the phone number that anyone can call on Heart and Soul.

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Stories Are Unpredictable….
March 3, 2009

Hi reader,

You never know when one of our reports is going to strike the fancy of our viewers.  Our story today on the birthday of the writer of the popular Dr. Seuss series garnered much comment.  Typical is the letter I am posting below from one of our viewers.

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Thanks, Ted

Mr. Henry

 I voted in the web poll and wanted share this story with you about my favorite Dr.Seuss book.
Eighteen years ago, when my wife was pregnant with our oldest son, she got me “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” for Christmas. She knew how much I love the story. I read the book to Matthew in utero that Christmas morning and we have read it every Christmas Eve since.
Keep up the good work at News Channel 5
Paul Morton