The First (and only) Retirement Poem Sent To Me!

Dear Reader,
Enjoy this video….it’s about the day TV5 signed on the air, narrated by Joel Rose.  It’s wonderful.



Now…back to viewer emails.  Ted  (write me at



Hope this email address finds you. If I don’t hear from you I will call the station because I want to make certain to congratulate you after your announcement of retirement. You are one of the reasons that people like me hang in there because we admire honesty, character and dedication….you are all those, and more.

Every time we lose someone like you from our collective (albeit

thinning) ranks, the profession is diminished. I write this sitting at home hooked up to a bunch of tubes due to the fact I had bilateral knee replacement in March of ’08 and the left one just didn’t respond and gave me nothing but trouble, and they found a staph infection in there.

Although it is a non-virulent type, it required removing the prosthesis, putting in an antibiotic block 9a week ago) and I get multiple IVs of more antibiotics and after 4 to 10 weeks of this regimen, I get to go back into the Clinic and get a new

prosthesis. But I am far from quitting the biz.

I still love to produce documentaries, and I was starting one this month if I hadn’t had this little problem, so won’t listen to my head or my beautiful wife and will continue to grind them out. We take this profession seriously don’t we, Ted? We never let up for a minute.

This series I am working on (for Channel 3

and Voices for Ohio’s Children) has spawned an amazing following since we did our first one in ’04. The web site they created is

You know, I don’t know if you have had this experience but no program we did and have done has a shelf life. I am helping a woman author, Ann Fessler (google her) because she has written a new book and is producing a new documentary and will feature a Montage I did back in 1966 on unwed mothers.

She evidently considers it the best example of an unfettered, truthful and unbiased example of a program on having babies out of wedlock that she has ever come across. It is another example of how our (collective) work resides in the psyches and film libraries around the country. I remember a couple of years ago donating another batch (43 large boxes) of film to CSU and we came across a number of series I did with you at Channel 5.

There was the one on the Kent State shootings, along

with the Domed Stadium special. So it is with mixed feelings that I heard your news of retirement. Heaven knows, you deserve it, but it gets people like me closer to doing the same.

You will be missed, Ted, and I want you to know how much I appreciate your contributions and friendship.

May our paths cross soon…..

Dennis Goulden

——————————– and we even twitter and FaceBook the material.Hi Ted,

Congratulations not only on your illustrious and successful career but also on your decision to climb off the media merry-go-round. I like to refer to my ‘retirement’ as my ‘rebirth’!!

Can’t believe that it’s been 10 years for me and as much as I enjoyed the business, I’ve never regretted my decision to jump from the anchor pool into the swimming pool. (attaching a pix of me with my pampered ‘lap’ dog at one of my aquatics’ classes I teach at the Westlake Rec….am also offfering classes at my Fla. condo)


As my tolerance for Winter becomes less and less, I spend more and more time at my Southern “Peace of Paradise” on the Gulf of Mexico. I’m here about 7 months out of the year to avoid Old Man Winter’s ‘snow job’! Then I return to my home in Westlake for about 4-5 months…I feel blessed to be able to enjoy the ‘best of both worlds’!


Just wanted to let you know how honored and privileged I am to have had you as a friend and colleague. I wish you and Jody much good health and happiness as you launch your new life together.

Sending ‘warm’ and fond wishes from Florida.

Jenny (Crimm)


Dear Ted,

Tom and I are very happy for you and Jody. At the same time saddened that we won’t be able to “visit” with you each evening.

Since we could see you on the TV it felt that we were still connected even though we didn’t actually see you very much. But this certainly sounds like a “call” and one you need to follow. It will deepen you both in many ways and that will bless us all.

May you both continue to be blessed in all the ways your hearts desire. Lots of love and lots of memories!!!

Carolyn and Tom


Dearest Ted and Jody,


What a wonderful decision you have both made and we are very happy for you. It really is a new beginning which you will grasp with both hands and your hearts.

There is no such thing as retirement as you will discover and a new world lies before you.

We know that Swami’s Blessings are with you always and He will lead you in the right direction. Nevertheless we are looking forward to hosting you in this great land of Oz when you are ready.

Much, Much Love, Arthur and Poppy.


Hi Ted,

Sorry we haven”t responded to your last e-mail.

We had the TV news on and heard you say something about getting up at 7:00a.m. to be on the radio . I said I wonder if he’s retiring and my brother-in-law said yes. WE were floored. What will TV news be without you?


P.S We got e-mails about your retirement plans and it sounds wonderful. Neither John or I have regretted one minute or our retirement!


It took the news of your impending retirement, Ted, for me to come up with a poem for the Word…..Neither this — nor anything I can say does the prospect of your retirement justice, but this’ll have to do until something more apt comes along.

All the best in these last busy weeks…..



(Contemplating Retirement)

What incalculable joy

to have the gift of time

to seek new worlds,

the gift of a kindred spirit

to journey with.

Worlds without, within,

claiming a life time

for discovery; each a fabric

of the eternal universe

of knowing.

Go — grow, weep, laugh.

And hold a Stillness

in the center

of your soul.






Congrats on your retirement. It was so classy of you and Jodie to send out your pre-announcement email to those of us who care about you.

Bask in the limelight for the next 3 weeks, and enjoy every moment of it! Then you’ll be ready to start career #2.

I’ve got friends in town this week, but let’s catch up at the end of the week. I’ll call. Talk to you soon. Hi Jodie!

Jane (Hirz)



Congratulations! I saw your news in the Plain Dealer.

Your retirement (Jody, you too, it’s your second one..) will surely bring you all great happiness. Lots of good wishes in your new life and spiritual journeys.

Love and Sairam,
Carolyn (Myers)

Sai Ram Ted and Jody,

Congratulations on this major move. I am sure that Swami will keep you busier now than ever before.

Sai Ram,
Srikanth and Shivani


Dear Ted,

Sairam & Congratulations upon your retirement that you fully deserve! You have worked very hard and have been blessed with great experiences, stories and success in your job.

According to Hindu dharma, soon you are going to enter the 3rd stage of life, (First- “Brahmacharya” or the Student Stage, Second – “Grihastha” or the Householder Stage, Third- “Vanaprastha” or the retirement Stage, Fourth- “Sannyasa” or the Ascetic Stage).

We wish you and Jody the very best with your future endeavors and may Swami bless you with a blissful retirement and time together. Looking forward to hearing all about your future traveling and experiences with great souls you will be meeting.

With much love and wishes
Swapna & Venkat

Swapna Mandava, RRS, CSP, Realtor

Subject: Re: Newsflash!

CONGRATULATIONS Ted,job well done.

You are a wonderful example of a good

human-being and you deserve a life of joy and happyness with Jody.


wishes, Bonnie Banks


Hi Ted and Jody,

Much love to you and Jody on your retirement/traveling plans.

Yes, it will take time to relax from work Ted….you can handle it tho.

Jody, thank you for the before E-mail.

Even though I knew it was coming (ESP), just didn’t have the correct time frame.

Will miss seeing you, Ted, on the evening news!

Much love and good wishes to you both.

Sai ram,

Barbara Murray


Well spoken announcement last evening, Ted.

Upon reflection, I’m about to lose a great newscaster but gain a less harried lunch and poker(?) partner, collaborator, and great friend.



Ted — I didn’t hear your voice message until after 10 Thursday night. Mary and I were ovrnighting at Glenn’s so we all tuned in to the 11 to hear it again.



Please let us know when and where your retirement party will be, because Mary and I want to be there!



Sai Ram Ted
Congratulations on your retirement. Its nice to know that you and Jody are now going to travel and continue your divine work of meeting, recording on video and sharing with us all the ‘godly’ people you seek and that come your way.
In today’s world, it is not often that you would meet folk who have been loyal and worked for one company for so long. Well done.
May Swami’s Love always be with you both in this next stage of your lives and that HE Bless you with good health and happiness.
With heartfelt wishes of love from all the members in my home for a wonderful retirement.



Congratulations and best wishes on your pending retirement. Wow, 38 years is an awesome milestone!

If you and Jody find yourselves in London on your future travels, please look me up. I would enjoy seeing you and it would be fun to catch up on the past 25 years since I left Cleveland. Contact details below.

Very best regards,

– Eric Braun

19 Minster Road

West Hampstead




Hi Ted,

When I read Julie’s story this morning, I rememberd a line from Walt Whitman that applies to you…”Now voyager, sail forth, to seek and to find…”

Sad for us that you are leaving NewsChannel 5 but happy for Jody and you. I started my business at the same time you began at TV 5.

When I think of my first clients,(The Hofbrau Haus, The Goodtime II and The Free Medical Clinic), I remember you covering them.

Take care,

Mike (Rogers)


Dear Ted
I send Blessings of Joy and Wonderment for you and Jody as this new phase of your life expands into untold possibilities and adventures. You will be given everything you need each day. I know your Loving energy (for there is no one who radiates like you) will be missed on the TV carrier band and I look forward to your expansion on the Spirit carrier band!!
Love to you,
PS And listening to the Holosync Meditation CD’s will support and augment your transition.







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