A look back to our big 50th Anniversary at TV5

Hi Viewers,

More from the TV5 History Books….the video above comes from years ago when I hosted the station’s 50th anniversary special…Hope you like it… and below, what else?  More notes and emails from you. 

Thanks,  Ted


Congratulations on an awesome carreer. I have been watching you since I was in the first grade,
watching you cover Cleveland and the world in all those years at WEWS.

I worked in your newsroom in 1980 on Election Night while still in high school. That was fun and I looked up to how kind you were that evening.

I met you years later as a co-worker. Meeting you in person was just as I saw you on the air. You treated me as your friend from day one.

It was a pleasure to produce that DVD with all the Frank Gari/Jerry Smith promos. It’s a textbook record of how to promote a newsteam. Those days I believe are gone, but at least I was able to preserve and bring those memories back to you and the others involved. That turned out better than I expected.

And of course, thanks again for giving me a copy of the Eyewitness Newsgame, thats some cool stuff.

I hope I see you in the future and that we keep in touch throughout the years.

Good luck in your retirement.

So Ted Henry Jr, thanks for being Ted Henry.

Your friend,
Dave Sharp

PS: When you Catch 5, you’ve caught it all!


 Hi Ted,

 Just wanted to wish you the very best on your upcoming retirement.

 I am not altogether suprised. It will be an exciting time, lots of change but nothing wrong with that.

 Sai Ram

James Van Hala 


Hi Teddy,

 Congratulations to you! So many people(especially me) are going to be sad when you are not giving us the news!

 I am looking forward to reading all of the wonderful comments about you on Newsnet 5.

 You have accomplished so much, and you should be so proud of yourself. I hope that you and Jody have a wonderful retirement! Congratulations and God bless!




 Congratulations Ted.

 I am sure that the divinity in you is helping you make this choice. It will be in your best interest and those surrounding and interacting with you. I am getting off work end of next week. Looks like i beat Ted to the exit door (of our worldly pursits) and entering into …………… 




 Jody and Ted,

Thanks so much for the beautiful e-mail.

 I love the news… now you’ll be free to pursue your TRUE interests, and hopefully we’ll get to see both you more often at Sai events, etc. !

 All of our love, Sai Ram, B & D


Dear Ted

I send Blessings of Joy and Wonderment for you and Jody as this new phase of your life expands into untold possibilities and adventures. You will be given everything you need each day.

I know your Loving energy (for there is no one who radiates  like you) will be missed on the TV carrier band and I look forward to your expansion on the Spirit carrier band!!
Love to you,

And listening to the Holosync Meditation CD’s will support and augment your transition.




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