A Tribute To Old Bosses At TV5…..

Hi Reader,

Catch the photo below.  See the guy in the middle (the fella holding a glass of water)? That’s Ed Cervenak, TV5’s then soon-to-be GM who hired me in ’72.  He has been just a wonderful influence in my life. 


And that’s Garry Harland Ritichie on the right, my then news director.  I bought a cabin on a hill overlooking a valley near Malvern, Ohio in the mid seventies and it was Garry who came down in his RV and spent a whole three day weekend wiring the cabin.  He was kind and generous beyond words.

And that’s Don (Trouble in the lab!!!) Unger on the left, our director of film and photographers.  He always hads lots of fun trying to fix a film process machine which would always seem to break just before news time.  Those were great days.




Now…for more viewer comments:


MAY – 2009



Sai Ram Ted,

Welcome to the wonderful world of retirement. Got the news from Jody and wanted to send you a congratulatory message. I’m sure you will be missed by your many viewers in the Cleveland area. Are you and Jody returning to Parthy soon.

Swamy just returned this morning from Kodai. We are all happy to have His Darshan again. The weather here is HOT. Most days it’s 40+.

Look forward to seeing you both again. Lots of Love–


PS. Go Cav’s


 Dear Ted,I have watched you most of my adult life and I am 57 years old. I enjoy how you present the news, your humor, your spirituality.

I met you at Regina High School one year for the Medjugorje visions of the Blessed Virgin.

I will miss your broadcasts and pray channel 5 will find a suitable replacement. Enjoy your retirement and travel.


Linda Richard RN

Ted you are the man! We hate to see you leave , but you have definitely earned it!! Thanks for all of your years of great reporting and entertaining us.

I guess now we’re stuck with Ma rk Johnson.
Congratulations Ted.
t. furgerson


With a communications degree from the same era (but different university..OHIO U.) and of the same era (60’s) and from the same general area (Tuscarawas County), it is with a smile that I remember watching you over the years at Channel 5, following the years of Uncle Jake and all of those before us.

I wish you the best as you move forward from the media which HAS changed…oh, how it’s changed over the seasons. It was when it was enough to report a story, and your audience was excited and interested enough to follow it through as you presented it. But, as it has come to be, now stations….I must say all…have to hard sell it, glamorize it, almost recreate it with BIG HEADLINES for us how here to get us to watch. Or do you?

I know you have not been the one calling the shots, and I almost feel really good for you that you have chosen to move on to personal life for you and your family.

It is easy to understand based on how the media has transformed, that the swine flu story has demanded so much of the air time in recent days. EVERYBODY has to do it, there doesn’t seem to be a common sense mind among the bunch.

How can the public understand or act calm when the weather is “sold” with such an intense stance of STORMS COMING! or HOT WEATHER COMING! or RAIN MAY RUIN YOUR MOWING DAY!? And that is the theme throughout the newcast today. Headlines, stories that will be revealed “if” you join us later on our late night newscast; or stay with us we can tell you about that one in the NEXT hour.

” News isn’t news anymore. It has become “the hook” for ratings and a desire to keep you watching MY station. It isn’t enough to have good personalities like yourself doing the reporting and have loyal watchers. There has to be more!

I for one resent that your six o’clock newscast begins almost regularly at 6:57. What kind of lesson is that for my three year old grandson as he grows up? Should I tell him, “Andrew, if you tell somebody you will do a job for them if they come to your house at 6, leave and go someplace else at 5:57!” Don’t honor what you say. It’s o.k. The world does it all the time.” Why should he grow up being loyal to any one or anything, let alone those of us w ho are watching TODAY’S tv.

Ted, the integrity of the media that you and I trained in..back in the 1960’s has sunk to an all time low. The talent is still there, but radio and television broadcasts have taken a dark train trip out of town. Yep, dollars dicate, ratings dictate, but somewhere out here there is still the “public airways” public.

As for your “spirituality” trek in life which you have shared over the last years, I hope you find the answers you want. Nothing is by chance in my opinion; no shake it up and throw it out there theory would ever wind up with the intricate design we have to our world or lives. CAN’T HAPPEN. God, yes I say God knows you and I trust you are learning more about Him as you search. His chosen people of Israel have still not found their answers and have missed a few “bonuses” of being chosen over the years. They have been rescued time and time again, but still miss the message. But, they too will get another chance in time. The end isn’t here YET!

There’s a God of Love who I think many religions honor and think they know. But without knowing that the God of the universe is JUST and is perfect , the thoughts stop there.

There needs to be more, there does need to be a way for us to gain access to that God. And that way is only through a sacrifice which was provided!

The best to you, BOOMER CHILD! I am sure we sill see you around. You have served in your field very well. I thank you for providing the moments shared.

And, yes….God Bless and Keep you in the days ahead!

Tim Stevanus




Well, I’ll be durned! I mean, you’re still just a kid! Wasn’t it just last year or so that we were both students in the Broadcasting curriculum @ KSU? Couldn’t have been much longer than that, to be sure!

I’m glad we had that dialogue a few months ago about – well, whatever it was about – because, if we hadn’t had it then, we’d probably have never had it and I have felt significantly enlightened by it ever since, even if I didn’t – and don’t – agree with some of your premises. A good discourse is always stimulating.

So a few questions come to mind: Who’s going to fill the vacancy? What do you intend to do with all the time you’re suddenly going to find you have on your hands? I can’t see you fishing or living at a golf course. Perhaps a lot of travel to the Far East to explore at greater depth your interest in Eastern Philosophy/ Religion?

Whatever you do, keep active! I can’t tell you the number of people I hear about who retire and who keel over dead within the year. Bear Bryant, the football coach @ Alabama (?) comes immediately to mind. Also Johnny Carson. I suppose they just didn’t know what to do with themselves, so they kindasorta “imploded”.

Now, who the hell am I going to grouse to if Channel 5 does something silly again – which they seem to do with comforting regularity?

 Larry Herman

Hey Ted,

How could you retire now that you have a left wing commie liberal president. You’ve been waiting 8 years to report on left wing goodness again.

Just kidding. It’s been a long and wonderful road for you and I know you’ll enjoy the years ahead. I’m glad you decided to do it now when you have your health and ability to travel and do the things you want to do.

I know when you are away from your home in Cleveland you’ll practice what you preach and allow a group of homeless people occupy it until you return.


Don and Kandi Webster.



I would like to send my well wishes on your retirement announcement. I know that your decision will free up all of your wonderful psychic energy… to further delve into the journey you and Jody are on. Frankly when I think of WEWS, I think of you.

On a personal and spiritual level, it is a blessing to know you. Your simple suggestion of trying out that “Unity place” has changed my life forever. As I write this, I think about our evening conversations at the station… that went way beyond 3001 Euclid Avenue. We talked about life, and spirit, and the future. I miss our conversations.

But Lana and I don’t want to become strangers! Although I may not get a chance to get up north before your last day, we would love to get together with you… on a quiet weekend for you in Cleveland… when you’ve taken a brief break from fulfilling your dreams as you travel around the world.

I can’t truly express the impact you’ve had on my life… except to say that it’s a “spiritual thing”… which is the way it should be……… something so deep.. you can’t explain it.

Hope to talk soon,





We will miss seeing you on the news every evening. Every night my husband and I get home from work and turn on Channel 5 News to see what is happening in the area. It will not be the same without you.

I have watched you since you were a young reporter, and we have aged as you have. Have a great retirement, you deserve it.

Best Regards,

Lillian Lopeman
Circulation Coordinator
Benjamin Media



Hope this email address finds you. If I don’t hear from you I will call the station because I want to make certain to congratulate you after your announcement of retirement. You are one of the reasons that people like me hang in there because we admire honesty, character and dedication….you are all those, and more.

Every time we lose someone like you from our collective (albeit

thinning) ranks, the profession is diminished. I write this sitting at home hooked up to a bunch of tubes due to the fact I had bilateral knee replacement in March of ’08 and the left one just didn’t respond and gave me nothing but trouble, and they found a staph infection in there.

Although it is a non-virulent type, it required removing the prosthesis, putting in an antibiotic block 9a week ago) and I get multiple IVs of more antibiotics and after 4 to 10 weeks of this regimen, I get to go back into the Clinic and get a new

prosthesis. But I am far from quitting the biz.

I still love to produce documentaries, and I was starting one this month if I hadn’t had this little problem, so won’t listen to my head or my beautiful wife and will continue to grind them out. We take this profession seriously don’t we, Ted? We never let up for a minute.

This series I am working on (for Channel 3

and Voices for Ohio’s Children) has spawned an amazing following since we did our first one in ’04. The web site they created is

You know, I don’t know if you have had this experience but no program we did and have done has a shelf life. I am helping a woman author, Ann Fessler (google her) because she has written a new book and is producing a new documentary and will feature a Montage I did back in 1966 on unwed mothers.

She evidently considers it the best example of an unfettered, truthful and unbiased example of a program on having babies out of wedlock that she has ever come across. It is another example of how our (collective) work resides in the psyches and film libraries around the country. I remember a couple of years ago donating another batch (43 large boxes) of film to CSU and we came across a number of series I did with you at Channel 5.

There was the one on the Kent State shootings, along

with the Domed Stadium special. So it is with mixed feelings that I heard your news of retirement. Heaven knows, you deserve it, but it gets people like me closer to doing the same.

You will be missed, Ted, and I want you to know how much I appreciate your contributions and friendship.

May our paths cross soon…..

Dennis Goulden



Congratulations on your retirement. It is one of the best things I have done…I am sure you will ASBSOLUTELY LOVE IT.

Good luck to you and Jody on all your new endeavors.

Hope to see you at the WEWS Retirement Parties.

Ellen (Leighty) Mishaga



Hi Ted,Hi Ted,

Bob and I send along our congratulations as you move into a new phase of your life! You have certainly had an amazing ride in Cleveland broadcasting…Dad would be proud…but glad that you’re bowing out with 44 years under your belt – leaving him with his 50 year benchmark!!! 🙂

 It was a privilege to work with you and know you not only as a colleague but also a friend!Your plans sound wonderful and adventurous…India and California – fantastic! Bob and I love California and will spend our retirement out there some day as well…

If there is an informal WEWS “get-together” planned at some point, we would love to catch up with you…

For now we are sending best wishes and couldn’t be happier for you!! We will always shre wonderful memories of our TV5 days…Goines ball in Studio C, Headliner, Martini night at John Q’s…Drewery’s on the set…playing poker between shows…the list goes on and on…. 🙂

Your friends,

Bob and Linda Short


Dear Jody

I know that you will have more calls & emails than you can possibly deal with
HOWEVER you could pick me up off the floor

Ted’s announcement tonight was a huge surprise & we will truly miss his smiling face
not to mention my fear that you will ‘disappear”!! you were such a source of support this winter, you can’t even imagine

so please fill me in & HUGS to you both
luv Patty


Sai Ram Ted

Congratulations on your retirement. Its nice to know that you and Jody are now going to travel and continue your divine work of meeting, recording on video and sharing with us all the ‘godly’ people you seek and that come your way.

In today’s world, it is not often that you would meet folk who have been loyal and worked for one company for so long. Well done.

May Swami’s Love always be with you both in this next stage of your lives and that HE Bless you with good health and happiness.

With heartfelt wishes of love from all the members in my home for a wonderful retirement.




Congratulations and best wishes on your pending retirement. Wow, 38 years is an awesome milestone!

If you and Jody find yourselves in London on your future travels, please look me up. I would enjoy seeing you and it would be fun to catch up on the past 25 years since I left Cleveland. Contact details below.

Very best regards,

– Eric Braun

19 Minster Road

West Hampstead




Hi Ted,

When I read Julie’s story this morning, I rememberd a line from Walt Whitman that applies to you…”Now voyager, sail forth, to seek and to find…”

Sad for us that you are leaving NewsChannel 5 but happy for Jody and you. I started my business at the same time you began at TV 5.

When I think of my first clients,(The Hofbrau Haus, The Goodtime II and The Free Medical Clinic), I remember you covering them.

Take care,

Mike (Rogers)


Dear Ted

I send Blessings of Joy and Wonderment for you and Jody as this new phase of your life expands into untold possibilities and adventures. You will be given everything you need each day. I know your Loving energy (for there is no one who radiates like you) will be missed on the TV carrier band and I look forward to your expansion on the Spirit carrier band!!

Love to you,

PS And listening to the Holosync Meditation CD’s will support and augment your transition.


2 2 2


It appears gift of Christmas continues on giving and giving. Congratulations to you and Jody; you are now truly released to follow your hearts.

Many blesssing upon your houses.






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