Who Remembers These TV5ers From My Past?

Ted Henry,

what a wonderful career you have had. My family has been a fan of yours ever since you became a part of Cleveland television. Your command of the English language has been superb! You are a true gentleman who has graced the screen with humor, intelligence and dignity.

My husband, who is 88 years old, spends his time correcting the grammar of the young newscasters. Needless, to say, he has never had to do that with you. My family wishes you the very best in your retirement, you certainly deserve it. You will be missed. Lucille Andrews –



Hi, my name is Jason and I have been a loyal viewer of yours and of Channel 5 since I first could walk and talk over 30 years ago. I thank you for your years of dedication and loyality to the television news business and what class you have brought to reporting the news here in Cleveland for the past 35 plus years on WEWS.

I’m sorry to see you go — you are the last of a great brand of news anchors such as Doug Adair, both of the Hambrick brothers, and a person whom I met before his death in 2006 here in Parma who worked at the local CBS affiliate for many of years in Cleveland — Howard Hoffman.

You, Ted, are definite- ly in the Top 5 of these distinguished gentlemen. You may also remember me from about five years ago or so, when you did your “Ted Chats”, after the 6:00pm news. You don’t know my father, but your brother just might — your brother Tom Henry worked with my dad Roger at the old Cleveland Paper Company back in the early-to-mid 1980’s.

Shucks, I can’t re- member what street the comapny was located on — I want to say Payne Avenue. Ted, I wish you, your wife and your family the happiest of days ahead in the coming future. Safe travels abroad and beyond, and all the luck in the world !! One last thing…..like I said I’ve been a big fan of yours and may I request an autographed picture of you for my Cleveland person- alities collection.

I will enclose my mailing address at the end of this e-mail.

Again, good luck and God Bless !!

Jason R. Bazdar, Parma, Ohio 



Congratulations on your retirement . I have been retired for 32 years and keep busy by volunteering to help veterans . I am 82 years old and a ww2 navy vet. Enjoy your rtirement .

Good luck.

Clarence L. Geisel


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