Congratulations on your retirement!

 I have been watching you anchor the news at Channel 5 since 1975. You are my favorite, and no one will ever be able to replace you. I want to wish you and your wife a very happy, healthy retirement and safety in all the travels that you will be doing. Enjoy!

 Ted, whatever happened to Jenny Crimm? Do you still have contact with her? She was another good soul from Channel 5.

 Maybe you can still have a blog on Newsnet 5 and keep all of us updated on your new life as a retiree and all your adventures. Now, that would be newsworthy!

 God Bless and Good Luck Ted!

 Teresa Prichard



 I want to congratulate you on your upcoming retirement.  You and I are of similar age and background.  In fact, I just retired last year and when I view you on the news, I still think of you as being very young. 

 I guess most of us do not fully comprehend (or accept) our age and mortality.

 You were my “role model” for my “youth.”  Now, your retiring makes me feel older, even though I know I must beat you by a year or two.

 I, too, grew up in the Canton area and have always appreciated your reports and “positive plugging” for the Canton area.  You were my connection to my hometown youth.  In fact, I grew up listening to 900AM on the dial, although I do not recall “Ted Tracy.” 

  I listened in the morning as I was getting prepared for school, so you may have come on during the morning hours that schools were in session.  I don’t know.  But then again, I was listening to 900AM when it was called WAND — the Magic Wand.  My favorite station was WHBC in the early morning hours.  Afternoons and evenings, I dialed WCMW (Where Canton Meets the World), so again, you were probably a year or two behind me for sure.  In fact, I remember entering a contest at WCMW to guess the then-upcoming new call letters of the station. 

  I did not guess “WHOF” although the  clues they gave were certainly on target.

 I also dreamed of becoming a radio announcer, but never made good on those dreams.  You did.  I grew up with “Tom Field and the News” as well as Gib Schanley.  I believe you are today’s Tom Field replacement at Channel 5. 

 Now, another era is passing and a new Ted Henry will soon make the scene.  We’ll keep a lookout for you — as they say over at Motel 6.  And you? 

 Enjoy whatever you plan to do and hope you stay in the area during at least part of your retirement years.  You have a lot of talent that the region will miss on a daily basis.  It might be nice to see it surface from time to time under some occasional freelancing. 



 Carl Silski

N. Ridgeville, OH


Hi Ted,

 Our family just wanted to wish you a wonderful retirement filled w/ healthy days doing whatever you want during your leisure time.

 The girls wondered if any way you could get us the tapes of the commercials we were in back in the day – one in your back yard & one on the Good Time.  I’ve seen them over the yrs. on occasions the station showed them.

 Leigh has been going thru our old slides, negatives & getting them so they can be viewed on t.v.  She is the one who has the electronic sense.  On her last set she came across some of you & family back in the days of Grenville.

 The time sure seems to fly by quickly the older we get.




I’m the one you saw on facebook going into
Severe Storm Analogy.

Anyway, heard your set to retire, just letting
you know your one of my favorites all time.
I wanted to know if it is possible to have
a signed photo sent to me??

I collect them and managed to get Tim Taylor
before he retired.

My address is Kenny Taucher 7069 Hoover Drive
Mentor,Ohio 44060. thanks!




 Once again, THANK YOU so much for being on the air with us. It was such a thrill to interview you. I’m saving the interview in my archives!

 I did have question for you… have you ever considered become a spiritual teacher? You have so much knowledge and you are learning more each day. My goal is to start a “universal” type school one day.

  I think our current educational system is not presenting a complete picture/upbringing for our young people. We’re taught to use only our logical/intellectual mind, and ignore our intuitive/God-self.

 Have a fantastic day!

 kathy Vogel

Morning Show Co-host

6 am – 10 am

Mix 94.1/Canton, OH


From: Carolyn Brigham <>
To: Jody Cleary <>
Sent: Thu, 7 May 2009 8:42 pm
Subject: Congrats

Hi Jody and Ted-

 My sister, Beth, passed along the news that Ted will be retiring. We know that this means a great deal for both of you. Our very best wishes and congratulations. Enjoy all the accolades and retirement sendoffs. It is so well deserved.

 When you have some free space in your travels -we would love to connect with you both.

Mom is coming out here next week for a visit– but we do hope to get to Cleveland sometime this summer. We haven’t been back since October.

 Thinking of you both

much love



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