May 17, 2007

Ted’s Blog is starting to focus on my weekly segment called, “Heart And Soul”.

Please send me your story ideas, comments, criticisms or questions on this subject. It can be about spirituality, religion, atheism, mind, body, spirit or anything else that has to do with personal growth.

—– Why this subject? Because so many people have asked for it.

—– Really? Yes. People seem to be more strung out than everbefore, not to mention confused, worried, over worked and driven by fear. Some, just want to know what life’s about. I am no expert and my own views won’t be of much use, but I do have access to many professionals who can take a stab at your greatest concerns on these matters.

—– Will you include the library of video stories you’ve done for the past two years on spirituality? Yes, these can be accessed in an easy way here at

—– Want me to write you now about my concerns? Yes, pile it on.

—– Can I have my voice heard if I agree or disagree with anything you report on? Of course, ALL POINTS OF VIEW are REQUIRED to make this work.

Any more questions?
Everybody up to speed on what we’re doing?
Contact me at


PS: I need to find someone in Northern Ohio to interview on the following subjects:
– Being a Mormon
– Your views on the work so far of the new Pope
– The problems faced by new members of the clergy
– Are there any athiests who would care to be interviewed about their views?