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People always ask me when I had the most fun in the business.  The answer is that I enjoy my work nearly everyday.  Eventhough the job of a TV journalist has many repetitive actions, the substance of the job, the news, almost never repeats itself. 

This is something I discovered during my first serious job when I worked at WAKR TV and Radio in Akron.  I spent three years there and loved the fact that the sense of discovery with my job changed every day as the news would change.

Below, a really funny picture of those early days when we were all required to wear blazers on the air.

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All the best wishes in retirement. I am 50 and can barely can remember a time when you weren’t there to give us our news.

You are a

class act and always have been. It has been our plesure as a family to watch you and NewsChannel 5. We wish you all the best and a blessed retirement..

Allan and Theresa Smith


Hello again Mr. Henry,

One last letter to you before you hang it up. Check me if I’m wrong or the other viewers and see if you remember these on air moments. I know there’s a lot in 37-44 years:

1. CAROLE MEEKINS telling DON WEBSTER to jump in the pool on the 6pm newscast, for $100 none the less. He did it and you and her laughed and he came out the pool smiling. That was during the backyard bbq’s. (Which meant it was a Friday). I believe the next Monday, she gave him the $100 right there and he donated it to charity.

2. The birth of your daughter in 1985, you did the 6pm newscast, but Wilma did the 11pm solo and made the announcement with no pictures!

3. (You have the tape) Live On 5- Microphone’d butt…

4. You tube classic- King Tut…

5. 11pm newscast with Wilma Smith, you and here had that “Eyewitness News Digest” where it was national and international news in under a minute. You made a mistake, that beautiful Catch 5 bumper working; you yelled “Time out!” The music stops, you say your correction, Catch 5 leads into a commercial.

6. Live On 5- When you had “Ted’s weird news” segment and this kid did something where he could have died but that twist of faith (blessings) and he makes it out fine. The reporters talking to the kid for his reaction and he said “I almost bit the big one!” That had Wilma, Roy, and you cracking up.

7. You tube classic- Local 17…

8. The early days of Ted & Lorna Era…I believe this when Live On 5 would go across the street for BOE and you and Lorna stayed at the station. (Election Coverage circa 1992) You were going into a commercial break, and you said “NNNNNeeeeeews Channel 5!”, and Lorna has a noticeable shrill and you chuckled right after you did it too…

9. Post Circle 5- This is actually a sad memory for me but it was when you closed an 11pm newscast by yourself. I think Lorna was on maternity leave or was transitioning out of the role; Don was doing a live forecast outside of the studio, maybe a backyard bbq. The sports guy I believe was Bill Baraunky (sp.) was covering the Tribe.

10. One the Last TV5 Eyewitness News-cast, the a/c broke you and Roy did the newscast without jackets, Nev and Don too!

11. During the last days of the “Catch 5” era newscast, on the 11pm show the set lights would dim and there were the credits of everyone who did the newscast and Catch 5 would just play for like 3 minutes! Great Stuff!!

12. Nev putting the black eye and scratches GRX on Chief Yahoo during the 102 loss season the Indians had in 1990.

13. Your “You gotta be tough to live in Cleveland” t-shirt. Re-made by the folks @ big fun in Coventry (ironically after your 35 year anniversary!)

Please share some of your favorite moments if you have any!

Yours Truly,

Elisha L.Smith


From: Lou Maglio []
Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2009 1:07 PM
Subject: YOU!!!

A belated but heartfelt congratulations on your retirement. You’re not only one of the legends but a top-notch person as well.
I’ve learned a lot from you over the years and I truly enjoyed working with you.

I won’t forget the first time you ad-libbed ‘that fire happened about 12 blocks from the Hofbrau Haus.’ Steve Bencic always made sure to send some schnitzel our way!

You’re the best and all the best to you and your family in your retirement.



From: []
Sent: Monday, April 27, 2009 11:57 PM
Subject: Hello

Hello Mr. Henry,


First I would like to say..”Happy Retirement”. You will really


be missed. I’m sure your co workers will let the viewing

audience know how you are from time to time.


There is something I would like to remind you about. We adopted


a daughter in June of 1981 from El Salvador, and brought back out


infant son in April, 1982. I never found out, how the news station


found out we were bringing back a child, but you were at the

airport to film our arrival. Such a thrill it was to meet you.


I don’t even have a copy of that footage, as I didn’t know it was


going to happen. haha


Please know that you will forever be in my heart for the kindness,

and caring you showed our family that evening.


Michael is now 27, and lives in Edinboro, PA. He is hoping to get into


the college this Fall, to continue his Art studies. Both of our kids,

grew up to be wonderful people.


Again… much happiness to you, and may this just be the beginning of


another chapter in your life.


With love,


Toni Ciliberto


PS: I never did get to see you again, after that evening.. wish I would have,

so I could have told you how much more special you made and already


beautiful moment.


I thought I would let you know what happened to me…

in 1962…I formed my own advertising and marketing agency here in Canton…

since there was no where else I could go in the radio business…..and I had clients requesting that I form an agency.

I still voiced a lot of commercials and tv spots for my clients…so I kept that part of my life intact.

I did well….and landed the McDonald’s restaurant account in the Canton and Youngstown area and Northwest PA.

I worked for them for over 20 years…and became the biggest TV advertiser in the Youngstown Market….

and one time…I had four offices open in Ohio and PA…and employed around 30 people in my company.

I am in my second marriage now and I have five children from my first marriage of 20 years…..four girls and one boy.

4 are doctors and one is an attorney. No one wanted to get into my business.

NOW…I am retired and doing consulting whenever someone asks me…but I am not pursuing the business.

I sold my company and my real estate to another Ad Agency, and I am a consultant to them from time to time.

I am enjoying my retirement….getting to watch you…at least for another few weeks.

I have always been proud of how you turned out Ted……and you should be too.

Take good care of yourself and your wife…..enjoy all those things in life that you may have had to put aside for awhile.




From: Brad []
Sent: Monday, April 27, 2009 11:02 AM
Subject: From Brad Sussman



You’re my hero!

Want to help us host an event? It would be an amazing twist to some seams in the universe.

May 7th. Terrace Club.

Long story, but we brought each other to this place



Brad Sussman

Executive Director

ALS Association Northern Ohio Chapter




From: Haugh, Frank G []
Sent: Monday, April 27, 2009 7:08 AM
Subject: FW: Ted Henry



My sister, and my mother before she passed away at the age of 90 in 2005, have been among your biggest fans and most faithful listeners for a very longtime. Why not me? You see, I moved away from Ohio shortly after we graduated from Central Catholic in 1963. While you, and most of our classmates went off to college, I joined the Marine Corps in June 63.

I wasn’t quite ready for college at that time. After those 4 years I attended college and lived in Cincinnati for a short time before moving to the southwest. I have been in Oklahoma and Texas for many more years now than I lived in Ohio. I get back to Ohio for the occasional funeral or family wedding and some of our high school reunions. When I am there, I always catch your newscasts.

I work for the U S Treasury Department and am a CPA. I to will be retiring soon (October) and spending my time working on our ranch with my cattle and trying to raise rodeo bucking bulls. I will spend much time, teaching my grandkids how to fish and hunt and working on projects for my wife.

I hope that you will have a long and very happy retirement, one that is filled with many fun things to do. I know that I am looking forward to mine.


If you are ever near east central Texas look us up. It’s not hard to find us in a town of about 850 folks.

Best of luck my classmate!


Frank Haugh


Class of ’63


Spring Hill Ranch


Dawson, TX


Hi Ted,

I just want to wish you the best of luck in your retirement. I didn’t know you were at TV-5 for 38 years, but I’m sure everyone in Cleveland has really enjoyed your work at TV-5 over the years. Again, best of luck in all that you do during your retirement.

Nate Marroquin

Defiance, OH


Dear Mr. Henry,

Congratulations on your retirement. I grew up in Cleveland and always
saw you as the consummate news reporter. Congratulations for a job
well done.

We now live in a beautiful part of the country known as the San Juan
islands. If your retirement travels ever bring you to the Pacific
Northwest, please come and spend a few days here on the Islands.

We would love to host you and your wife.


Jim and Cathy Cole and Family
Friday Harbor, WA



Let me start my saying congradulations on your retirement I hope you enjoy,However you will be missed you are a wonderful person.

I thought i would share this wonderful story about my son..He is a staff seargeant in the United States Air Force currently on his 4th deployment in Afghanistan since January.After his second deployment from Iraq Dean fell 35 feet off a mountain in Utah where he was stationed,

He broke his back and shattered his ankle he has 4 rods and 5 screws in his back and 2 screws in his ankle.He was picked to represent the Air Force in a competition in Afghanistan and won first place he has been named one of Bagrams top enlisted warriors.

The officers that put the competition together and his competitors have know knowledge of this.He also runs marathons for Breast cancer and other good causes and as a Mother i couldnt be prouder.

I have sent you a few links to the story i hope you enjoy them.And of course he is a local of Cleveland.


Brenda martinez


From: Geneva Foster []
Sent: Friday, April 24, 2009 6:22 PM
To: Ted Henry
Subject: Well wishes from Geneva Foster

Hey Ted!

This is Geneva Foster. I am writing in response to your retirement announcement.

Because I understand that one usually retires when one reaches a certain age, often an age when forgetting comes easy, I’ll suspend my belief that I am unforgettable. I am attaching a recent picture of myself and brief description of how we know one another, in hopes of jogging your memory.

I worked at WEWS for most of the 1990s. I started as a Production Intern in 1989. From 1990 through 1992 I was a member of the Production Crew. During the latter half of ’92 I was at WKYC.

But I retuned to WEWS as an Assignment Editor at the end of that year and remained in that position until 1994, when I became an Assistant Producer for the “Morning Exchange.”

I left Channel 5 the summer of 1997 to attend graduate school in Seattle, WA. While, I haven’t stayed in contact with you, I do remember our intense conversations about the most affecting news stories, the times you joined the crew at Becky’s for a brew, and your support for my then goal of becoming a broadcast journalist.


Hey Ted,

One of our managers came to sports today and said there was a legendary Cleveland news anchor retiring. You were the first person I thought of…THE LEGEND!! I’m happy for you that you will get to now do what you want to do–on your own clock.I was so fortunate to work with you. I learned a ton from you on the air and in the conversations that we had off the air. Happy travels where ever you may go. Enjoy the new life…you’ve earned it.

Take care,

Jeff Gravley



Hello, Ted,
First of all, sincere congratulations on your many years…you deserve to retire!

Secondly, my question is, didn’t TV 5 do a story showing LeBron James’ biological father to be Akron’s East HS #24 basketball player named Roland Nevins, now deceased? Why do I read in this week’s GLOBE and everywhere else online that it’s a man named McClelland who is still alive and a criminal? I remember TV 5 even showing Roland’s picture with his Afro and it sure looked like LeBron. Could you answer me? I’d appreciate it.

Also, I was at your station many times as an “Academic Challenge” coach, and was happy when I met Dorothy Fuldheim and Wilma Smith in person.

Thanks and God Bless.

Carol Kotun (retired teacher, now KSU Prof)

Stow, Ohio


You are the main reason I stick with channel 5. It is sad to see you go.

I will say that Danita Harris is getting pretty close to becoming a keeper, I hope management has enough smarts to make her the anchor. She is a classy lady

Good luck Ted.

John Stachler



Ted — I didn’t hear your voice message until after 10 Thursday night. Mary and I were ovrnighting at Glenn’s so we all tuned in to the 11 to hear it again.


Please let us know when and where your retirement party will be, because Mary and I want to be there!

(Lee Bailey)


Dear Ted:

Good day! It’s Alan Parrish former co-worker, you once told me that I was the “nicest” Marine that you had ever met.

As I return the compliment, let me say that you are the “nicest” Newscaster that I have ever worked with a true professional.

So, Congratulations, Good Luck and Best Wishes on your retirement, I’m looking forward to the book.

Semper Fi,




Sad to hear you’re leaving the airwaves… grew up watching you. Will miss your coolness and professionalism. Would it be possible to have you on the air with us in the near future? I’m sure you’re receiving a lot of requests. We Cantonians would love to have you on…

Kathy Vogel

Morning Show Co-Host

6 am -10 am

Mix 94.1 Canton, OH



Sports Anchor
2619 Western Blvd.
Raleigh, NC 27606—————————————–

From: Michael Rogers []
Sent: Friday, April 24, 2009 11:49 AM
Subject: Now Voyager


Viewers Love These Vintage TV5 Promos….

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Hi Reader,

How many of you remember this one?  More importantly, whom among you can correctly identify all the characters in this popular promo? Anybody getting it right will get a “gift” from me. (Just don’t get your hopes up)

Now…more viewer comments.  You can write me at

Dear Ted (and Jody)

Congratulations on your retirement and for the really REALLY wonderful career in jounalism and newsreporting. It certainly is a surprise, though you and Jody had voiced to us on a coupld of occassions – we really did not expect it so soon.

Maya and I will miss seeing and listening to you on the 11.00 pm news. I am sure the whole city will miss you, espcially after 44 years of watching and listening to you.

Your letter of retirement is very richly worded and reflects the wonderful, spiritual and holistic person that you truly are.

Your plans for a retired life looks even more exciting. Searching, recording and sharing your experiences with holy men all over the world – sounds wonderful beyond words!

Maya and I are so happy for you and Jody and we wish you both the best of years to come. Does this mean we will get to spend more time with you two?? I sure hope we can.

Love and regards,

Sunder and Maya.


Dear Ted,

I received Jody e-mail telling us of your impending retirement. It didn’t really come as a surprise because my intuition told that was what the issue you were dealing with. And I know making that decision was a tough one. But that is life, and I am sure it was the correct one for both you and Judy.

I remember when I made the decision to retire from the Rehab Center it was a tough one for me, but somehow I new it was time to get on with my Spiritual Journey, full time instead of when I could work it in. And I quickly learned that it was the right decision. Paths opened up for me that were just incredible, and I have never regretted my decision. I did have a part time counseling practice at my home, but that didn’t interfere with my Spiritual Journey. I really don’t know how many Spiritual Groups I have had over those now many, many years.

Twenty five years of meeting, studying book after book, and sharing and growing with new spiritual insights, and how we could and did change our lives. And with my advancing age and inability to get around, and could no longer have them in my home, we still have one wonderful group which loves David Hawkins’ books, and we meet here in Galion.

Someone always picks me up and brings me home. We will be starting next meeting Dr. Hawkins’ book: TRANSCENDING THE LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS, The Stairway to Enlightenment. My book is so marked up and has so many paper clips on special pages, which tell me how much it has to teach me.

I haven’t look on Amazon recently for his new book, but will soon. I am hoping you still will be able to interview him, and would look forward to seeing and hearing him speak through your camera. He doesn’t travel anymore, and when we heard and saw him in Dayton, we wondered how he could stand and talk all morning and then all afternoon. It was awesome, as are his books.

I know how much you will be missed on ABC Channel 5 (it’s channel 4 for us, and don’t ask me why because I don’t know the answer except we don’t HBO). And I will miss seeing and hearing you, but know in my heart that you and Jody are following your heart, and God’s plan for your life at this particular time. Maybe you will still get to interview Dr. Hawkins. I would love that, and so would our group.

Know that you and Jody are in my prayers and in my heart daily, and hope to see you in my home sometime in the future. I know this is a busy time for you as you enter the next stage of your Journey. both of you.




Dear Jody and Ted,

Lovely to hear from you. Big surprise to hear about Ted retiring, but he has to follow his heart, and we are sure he will have lots of work to do in other ways.

We are at Kodi but the hours are long. Lovely darshans. Will be in touch later,

Sai Ram lots of love

Doris and Dennis.



It’s not so much of a surprise at all. I know that his destiny as a video biographer of spiritual people has been waiting for his full time attention.

I know you’ll be spending less time in Cleveland (and move away in not too long a time); so, let’s please have a little get together sometime. We miss you!!!

Much love to you both!


Starbringer Associates 871 Canterbury Road, Unit B Westlake, OH 44145 440-871-5443

The Best Location In the Nation…

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Hi Reader,

That was the phrase often used to describe Cleveland when I started working here in ’72.  CEI was our 11 pm news sponsor and I believe they coined the term, “Best Location”.

Years before that we were known as, “The Tree City”.  And of course, we have been known for less complimentary things as well.  My take?  We live in a gritty city with real people.  Cleveland is as genuine as it gets, and I have loved being a part of it for so many years.

Below are more viewer comments.  Want to comment?  Write me at

Part six:


I just received the notification of your upcoming retirement, and want you to know how much you will be missed.  My husband and I have been loyal viewers of NewsNet5 for a long time, and that is largely due to your broadcasts.  Your reports are professional, inspirational, and down to earth.  We also love your sense of humor.  I can only imagine that you’re just as great in person as you are on the air.


Best of luck and we hope you enjoy your retirement!


Don & Sheila




  The applause are ringing over here at TV3 for you as well ..

  Congrats on the decision .. I wish you the best … our market will certainly not be as strong without your presence each night.

  Thanks for inspiring this Akron kid to chase a job in this crazey business ..



Eric Mansfield



1333 Lakeside Avenue

Cleveland, OH 44114



bangaloresunset2(Heading into the sunset.  But in reality, I’m only changing one journalism job for another since I intend to continue interviewing people about their spiritual drives and motivations as a hobby)




I know you will be inundated with emails, so I’ll keep this short.  Congratulations.  I grew up watching you deliver the news and you are truely one of the best. 

I know that you have touched many lives positively.  I also know that won’t stop once you walk out our doors.

Best of luck.


Bill Young





We will miss seeing you on the news every evening. 


Every night my husband and I get home from work and turn on Channel 5 News to see what is happening in the area.  It will not be the same without you.  I have watched you since you were a young reporter, and we have aged as you have.  Have a great retirement, you deserve it. 


Best Regards,

Lillian Lopeman
Circulation Coordinator
Benjamin Media


Dear Mr. Ted Henry,


I am not sure if you would recall meeting me, but I had the pleasure of meeting you while I was an intern with newsnet5 under Colleen Seitz in 2002. I am writing to you for a couple of reasons. First of all, I am sad to hear that you are leaving the station and happy to know that you will be continuing to explore something you love to do.


I also share your wanderlust, although mine may not be as spiritually based. I am hoping you may find the time to give me a bit of advice. I want to move to India. I have traveled the world, but I feel India calling my name. I want to immerse myself in their culture and learn to speak Hindi.


I believe that you know a lot about India and its people. I was hoping you may be able to advise me on where it may be best to move. I hope to have some sort of job to support myself while living there. I am not sure where to go within India or what jobs might be available for an American.


Any knowledge you could find the time to share with me would be greatly appreciated. I want to thank you in advance. Also, I wish you happiness in this next step in your life.



Noelle R. Kocian


Good Evening Mr. Henry,

                       A dream more or less but is there a chance for your last week or days you can re-unite with former co-anchor? I feel you should go out in style. You never had a chance to say goodbye to Wilma on-air. No good bye Bill Jaycocks.


I feel your retirement should be bigger than Tim Taylor’s let alone he did work with you at the station with you. I know you always say “Never worry about what they are doing across the street”. (It’s on you tube under WEWS’ 50TH anniversary).


I just think it would be great to see your go out with best retirement for the last of the best breed of journalists. BTW, you have never posted one of my e-mails before, just wanted to thank you I am very touched and flattered by that. That would be great if they would let Wilma out her contract for 1 day because I feel you deserve that! Oh yeah one more thing, is Ted’s Blog your’s or the station’s?


If it is your intellectual property, do your adoring fan’s get your stories online from you still or you walking away forever?


Respectfully Yours,


Elisha L. Smith


P.S. go for your old tagline if you can script it, “We’ll see you later tonight @ 11 when you Catch 5!”



Hi Ted..


I am sorry that you will not be on Channel Five soon…




I want to wish you happy retirement!!!!


I have watched your career grow from your early days here in Canton…and for the


next 38 years at WEWS…


Congratulations on a wonderful career…and NOW…enjoy the rest of your life with Jody.


All the best to both of you.



Sal Butera

(Note:  Sal Butera was the GM who hired me for my third paying job in broadcasting.  I had worked at WKNT in Kent and then WHOF in Canton and Sal then hired me to work at WCNS in Canton.  It was great fun.  He had a program director named Bill Field (Caufield, I believe) who took me aside one day  and said, “Ted, you’re not cut out for this business.  Your voice isn’t deep enough.  Why don’t you return to work at your dad’s hardware story in Hartville”.  His was the best advice I never took)




I think it’s appropriate that you picked the day of my 40th anniversary at TV5 to announce your retirement (it helped take the attention away from my non-event).


I hope your upcoming plans will all work out and that you can truly enjoy your “retirement” years. It’s been great knowing you and working with you.




Gary A. Stark

Director of Programming and Research


(Thanks Gary, what a most gracious letter.  It’s been great fun working with you)


Dear Ted,

I just heard of your upcoming retirement from WEWS on Twitter.  I am very sad to see you leave, but at the same time, I am excited that you will now have more time to do the many things you enjoy.

I met you a few years ago, when you were honored by Unity of Medina for your series on spirituality, but I had been a fan of yours for years.  You were always good-natured, ethical, clear, rock-steady and honest.  What more could anyone want from a newscaster/Anchorperson.  There are times when I flip back and forth between channels when the news broadcasts are on, but if you are anchoring, I stick with 5.  I always feel that you are someone I can trust. 

Thank you for all your years of service to the WEWS viewers!  You will be greatly missed!  Enjoy your retirment!  May it be filled with joy, adventure, love and peace!


Ruth Radney
Cuyahoga Falls, OH

“Inspire the Desire”
Ruth’s Learning News
Follow me on Twitter



Your Comments & Kindness is Appreciated…

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Hi Reader,

I have been reading your comments for the last several days and I promise I will get around to answering or replying to your sentiments as quicklly as I can.  It’s been a blast, even back in disc jockey and rip ‘n read news days at Hall Of Fame Radio, WHOF in Canton.  No, the pay wasn’t so hot, just $1.30 an hour, but the excitement of live radio definitely made up for it.

More comments coming up and remember you can reach me at  Thanks, TEd


Dear Ted

     I’m going to miss you man! You have been a part of my “news” life for… well….forever! There is no one like you. Who is going to make fun of TWISTED SISTER now? I almost feel like I know but have never met you! Your part of the family. Your going to be missed!

  I hope you have a GREAT retirement…you deserve it. Enjoy your travels, your family and anything else you wish to do. Thank you for many good years.

  God Speed Ted Henry!


a loyal viewer  Darlene, Parma



 It was good talking to you and Jody at CHIA during the first leg of our travels on April 4.  I trust you had a good time in San Diego.  We had an awesome time in London and Paris.

 Congrats on your pending retirement after a wonderful and far-reaching media career.  I still think it is neat that you got to cover the 1980 Reagan-Carter debate in Cleveland.  It is also neat that you made Cleveland your career over the years and didn’t leave for other pastures.

 I retired as a Captain from Cleveland PD on Friday, April 17th.  I started my new job as assistant director of protective services at the MetroHealth System on Monday, April 20th.  So far, so good!

 Mary Beth & I wish you a happy retirement, and wish you & Jody well in your future travels and spiritual endeavors.  I’ll miss chatting with you at events in the mayor’s Red Room!

 If there is anything I can do for you in the future just let me know.  This is my personal email address that I check frequently.

 God bless,

Mike Doyle

 Hi Ted,

 Saw your big news in TV Newsday. Congratulations!  38years at WEWS. Quite an accomplishment.

 We moved to Charlotte a few years ago – semi-retired – part-time teaching, and some consulting (which not surprisingly has dried up in the past year).

 Your call in 2000 at Petry was a pleasant surprise, and very much appreciated.

 Best of luck in your world travels.

 Dick Kurlander


((This is wierd…a :15 video of the WEWS test pattern and the audio is simply a tone.  I was actually three when TV5 went on the air in 1947.  Started watching when our family got our first TV set (a brown Emerson) in 1952.  First program I saw on TV5, “The Cisco Kid”, and the second program, “Dorothy Fuldheim Commentary”.



 You don’t know me, but I certainly know you.  As a kid, I watched Eyewitness News religiously.  I was an avid fan.  I even interviewed Gary Ritchie for a research report on television news when I was in high school.  You and the team at Channel 5 inspired me to want to pursue a career in broadcast journalism.  While that was my intent when I went off to college, I ended up pursuing another passion. 

  After a brief internship in a cable newsroom, I decided it wasn’t for me.  After some searching, I switched to advertising.  That was the start of my marketing career that continues to this day.  Perhaps it was just as well, because it was always the business side that really interested me.  (No offense, but I wanted to be Gary Ritchie, not you.)  Nonetheless, TV news is something I still enjoy following.

I now live in Chicago (where I can watch your former associate, Paul Meinke), but get home to Akron frequently and every once in a while get a chance to see your newscast. 

 I also catch up on the news from NE Ohio on NewsNet5.  Channel 5 won’t be the same.  While personalities have come and gone, you ARE Channel 5 to so many people.  While I don’t get a chance to see your newscasts regularly, I’m a bit saddened by the news.  I feel like I’m losing a friend.

 All the best to you as you embark on your next phase in life.  Your  travel plans sound fascinating.   I hope you and your wife have many, many wonderful years ahead of you.

 Mark Nelson  Chicago, IL

And a viewer from Akron as far back as the Dave Patterson/Ted Henry Eyewitness News team.

What’s Really Nice About All of This?

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Hi Reader,

I had no idea I would be hearing from old friends from back in the sixties and before.  I am posting a good number of notes I have received about my retirement for the benefit of those who might know some of the people from my past…and their past.  Thanks again, and you can write me at



 Ted Just read about your retirement….good for you. After all these years I still remember the first day you started producing at WEWS. It was you me and Bob Woods, if I recall…. Gary Ritchie and Ed Cervanak were our bosses… 1971ish? Boy has the news business changed since those golden days! 

I’m still with the AP (for the past 17 years) and having fun…well-past my retirement target, but with my 401K now a 201K, I’ve gotta keep marching along.


Best wishes for your future (travels)….drop me a line if you have a minute.




Bob Feldman

AP Northeast Regional TV Executive

41 Conshohocken State Road #205

Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004



From: Hannah Montana []
Sent: Friday, April 24, 2009 12:40 PM
Subject: Hey!



Hello!!!!! im sorry ur retiaring i love u and mark and everyone else! i will miss u!~~-Jasmine from Montana 13(yrs old)


TedI’ve enjoyed watching the Channel 5 newscast for many, many years (especially with Lee Jordan) and will certainly miss your great personality. It’s definitely not going to be the same without you.

Enjoy your retirement . . . you’ve certainly earned it.

Linda Mantz




(One of the old gangs of yesterday…Dorothy Fuldheim, leaning on my shoulder, Pat Minarcin, my co-anchor for a few years, Wilma Smith, another co-anchor in the early days and Dan Dobrowolsky, the weather guy….he was a trip!!)

Hi Ted,

When I read Julie’s story this morning, I rememberd a line from Walt Whitman that applies to you…”Now voyager, sail forth, to seek and to find…”

Sad for us that you are leaving NewsChannel 5 but happy for Jody and you. I started my business at the same time you began at TV 5. When I think of my first clients,(The Hofbrau Haus, The Goodtime II and The Free Medical Clinic), I remember you covering them.

While you were on vacation, I was asked to invite you to the 15 minute traditional “topping-off” ceremony at the site of the new Ireland Center Cancer Hosptial. This is on Thursday, May 7th at 1 PM. Dr. Stan Gerson, the top man there, would like you to sign the beam before it is placed at the top of the new hospital.

You are known for your involvement in this community.

If you have time, Jody and you are invited to attend the luncheon beforehand, where Dr. Gerson will speak.

Carol and I have long supported this hospital which has saved so many lives, including hers. Earlier that morning, Carol is going to represent patients, past and future, in a speech to the National Cancer Leadership Council.

Please let me know if you will be able to join us that day for the signing and topping off ceremony at the hospital site.

Take care,

Mike Rogers


/////Hi , Glad to hear you have made the big step into freedom Ted…..wishing you great blessings and wonderful adventures in you new life!!!!! Any plans that can be revealed? I can well imagine what you will be doing some of the time. Will you still call Cleveland home?

Hope to see you both in India in December.

Sai Ram ,



Sairam Jody and Ted.

I am still in shock and don’t know how to react to all this. I hope and pray that it is good for you and may Swami Bless you and take care of you both in your new venture.

I would like to hear your voice when you find time. Take care.

Love and Sairam,




(How’s this for a silly picture.  It’s a shot from Chopper 5 of TV5 at the corner of 30th and Euclid.  My friend and co-worker John Kosich shot this while doing traffic reports one day)


Hi Ted,

I was saddened to hear of your retirement but yet know that you well deserve it. The years you have been on Channel 5 have been many and your news has always been update to date and very relevant.

Your series on religion has been very informative and I see you plan on pursuing it in your retirement. Good for you. May you have a long and prosperous retirment with good health to boot.

Karen S, Parma



Ginsburg and Jerry Boal forwarded me the notice of your retirement. I go next year — June 2010. I can’t wait.

On days like today when I come in from the garden to sit for a moment and drink something cool I wonder why I work at all…


Garening efforst picture attached…


I do hope that we will all hear from you now more often. …


Enjoy the last gasp and all the celebratory parties!




Barbara Gillette


PC Paraguay


P.S. How about that Archbishop Lugo!!

(note: Barbara was in the Peace Corps with me in Paraguay in 1968…just a few years ago…I had lost touch with her but thanks to the internet and news that travels fast, I have now caught up with her.)


You will be greatly missed.

It’s always been a pleasure listening to you and what you have to say. You’ve done a great job. Happy Retirement!!!


Carole Grace


Hello Ted- And Congratulations on one of the Most Successful Television Careers Ever. While you may know who I am personally; I considered it a priviledge to have an association with you as an employee of Scripps Howard Channel 5. I started working there in 1994 in the Traffic Department with Barbara Chappell…. In 1986 when Scripps Purchased an independent station here in Tampa FL They asked me if I would come and work as the Traffic Manager….That is now 23 years ago.

I have always stayed in touch with George Cerveny as he was my supervisor at the time and even came to Cleveland for Don Perris’ memorial service. After 25 years; I “retired” and currently work at WEDU, the PBS affiliate where I have been for the past 9 years…totally 34 years
in this industry. My how time has gone by and because of the oportunity I was given to get to know you as a journalist so respected in the community in which I grew up..I want to say Congratulations!!!!

I wish you and your Family All the Very Best!

Best regards,

Joyce (Feaster)Cotton & Larry Cotton
Larry currently works at WFLA- the NBS TV affialiate here in Tampa, FL 33635



An Overwhelming Response….

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I cannot express enough my gratitude for your outpouring of kindness.  Some of your responses are posted here.  Others I’ll try to respond to personally.  Thanks again.

You can write me at


Hi Ted,


just saw that you were going to retire.  My goodness, has it been 40 years since the good old days of AKR?  Glad that life has been good for you.  It has been just fine with me. 


I, too, am retired.  You’ll find the first couple of months a little tricky, but you wouldn’t trade it for the world.  Again, glad to hear that nice things have happened to nice guys. 


Art Wander

(Art and I worked together in Akron at Wacker radio, WAKR in the mid sixties.  He was a ball of fire then, and still is.  Just Google him – Ted)



Dear Mr. Henry,

                I just wanted to say congratulations on your retirement. I hope you can retire from Eyewitness News on May 20th. I am really sad and almost feel like I have taken you for granted for 32 years.


You are my childhood idol, it hurts to know when I come home I won’t be able to see you anymore on daily basis. I know things change every moment of everyday but until I saw you letter to your co-workers to your statements to general public, it’s still a shock to the system because you are the last of a dying breed and last piece to the golden days of local television in Cleveland.


 I am currently in the military, so when I come home from buffalo, I will be watching you being very fortunate to know that I was able to see you say good bye 1 last time (hopefully you will continue to stay in Cleveland and start your own documentary company I hope!!!) I can attest to Frank Gari’s “Catch 5” that I did find what I was looking for with you telling the best stories, not make seem so “dated” you always told the best stories.


You and circle 5 are like the Nile River and Egypt one doesn’t exists without the other. I don’t think I watch tv5 the same again without you. Thanks for everything may you and yours continued to stay blessed, for I have been because you have given a lot of gifts to me and countless others, your one the best things about Cleveland!


Respectfully & Gratefully Yours,

 Elisha L. Smith


((More Video Memories From Decades Ago At TV5))



Hi Ted:


Just saw the story about your impending retirement. Congratulations! After Stephanie and I saw you last fall and heard your amazing stories of ministry work, it sure sounded like you weren’t planning to stay in the anchor chair for long.  I think it’s altogether fitting (and a bit poetic) that you hung in there long enough to eclipse Dorothy’s on-air record at WEWS.


When the history of local television news is written, your name will most deservedly be included with the ranks of the all-time greats whose those men and women who will always be associated with their cities. Like Bill Bonds in Detroit, Chuck Scarborough in New York, Joel Daly in Chicago or the recently retired Tony Segreto down here in Miami, you have been the true, living symbol of Cleveland for generations of people. You held that post with honor, dignity, grace and good humor—a perfect fit for a great city.


I always considered my years at WEWS as the most special time of my life and you, above everyone else, made it such a great place to work. I enjoyed every moment we shared together, both on-air and off. I stood in awe of your skills and talents (and tried desperately and, unsuccessfully, to copy them!). More importantly, your warmth and genuine friendship helped make me feel a real part of the team. The place was magical and you made it so.


I wish you lots of luck on your adventures around the world and hope our paths may cross again someday.


Warmest regards,



Martin D. Gould


11089 Helena Dr

Cooper City, FL 33026


Ted, my friend


Take my advice,   DON’T DO IT !!!!!       Retirement is harder than working, believe me. I haven’t had a moment to myself in the last 7 years.  Plus that stuff about “Getting-old-is-not-for-Sissies”, OH Boy is that a fact.


Seriously,  Welcome (as of 5/20) to the wild and wacky world of retirement!  Becha WEWS’ May sweeps puts you guys on top by a mile.  Can’t wait to see all those nostalgia pieces. Joel Rose Rides Again!


As Edward R. used to say “GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK” to you and Jody.



Your OLD pal from WHOF,


John O’Day



I told you so.. I’m glad you stayed with WEWS and I am sure you feel the same way.
  I wish you a a most sucessful and enjoyable retirement. You have earned it.
Regards, EDC

(This is from Ed Cervenak, the assistant to the GM who hired me at TV5 in June of ’72.  He soon became GM and one of the nicest broadcast executives in the biz.  Love him lots.  – Ted_



Ted-  Another GREAT era of news casting is coming to an end-I wish you decades of love, joy , creativity and a wonder journey on the rest of your walk-I pray you have enjoyed some of the poems I have sent you-


  I will send the PD article to Derald Bartos-He said congrads also-

  If you’d like me to continue to send the poems please send me a connecting e-mail address-


  Peace, Love, Joy and Gratitude


  [Bob Quail-and the Late Irene Sukle





You’re going to love it!  The best part is not setting an alarm, not dreading Sunday nights (or Monday mornings in your case), being able to take off for vacation or to see friends any month of the year, not just March, April, June, August-October and December!. 


 You will accept invitations you have turned down for years, you will learn not to care when news breaks out (you can always catch up with it on the internet later.)   You appreciate eating out in the evenings without worrying about getting back in time for a 10 o’clock tease. 


You will learn to like gardening.  Lowe’s and Home Depot will be your favorite places to hang out.   You can cut the grass yourself, getting close to nature.  And if a weekend is rained out, do a make-good Monday or Tuesday. Same for such things as grocery shopping.  All those chores that HAD to be done on weekends can happen ANYTIME!   


And as for your traveling, take off and return any day of the week.  Congratulations again, on a long and successful career, and may your retirement be just as long, and just as successful.


Bob Woods

113 E. Glohaven Pl.

Greenville, SC 29681

864-297-5267 (home) 305-987-7739 (cell)



Ted- Congrats on one helluva career!  It was an absolute pleasure working with you.  I assume you’ll be doing even more world travelling!




Steve Hyvonen

News Director

WKMG Local 6

4466 N. John Young Parkway

Orlando, FL  32804


office: 407.521.1232

cell: 407.212.8860

fax: 407.521.1332


(Steve worked with me here at news director until mid 2008…a great guy)




Congratulations on your retirement. You are a true professional with a sincere and sometimes fun-loving approach to television news which makes viewers feel that your a part of their family. Thanks for making me feel welcome and appreciated at NewsChannel 5. It was a honor and pleasure to be associated with you. I will miss seeing you at the station on Friday nights during the high school football season.


I’m picking Ted Henry to enjoy his retirement TONIGHT!!!


God Bless!

Peace be with you

The Breeze



Mazel Tov on your retirement. I wish you the best of luck and good health.


You were a source of great comfort to my late brother, Marc, when he was at Hospice Of The Western Reserve, and to my late parents, Harold & Annette, during the terrible time of Marc’s illness. God bless you for what you did!


With Warm Regards,


Lyle Merdler


Dear TedI am 51 and have watched you ever since I was a kid. I will really miss you. Your so down to earth and a wonderful newscaster. My children 28 and 23
watch you as well. It just won’t be the same with you gone. I understand life goes on, and you have given us many great memories, But really Ted- Do you have to go?????????????  I like Danita Harris, but that’s about it. Your replacement sure has allot of charisma to live up to!        `

Best Regards


Nancie Buday
Actuator Order Entry /Customer Service
Parker Hannifin, Pneumatic Division




Thank You Cleveland, & N.E. Ohio….

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Hi Readers,

What a nice send-off I’m being given, and I’m not even out of the building yet.

My official retirement day is May 20, yet already I am receiving lots of nice and even insightful comments, mostly from people I’ve never met before.  I’ll try to share some of those sentiments here.

As grateful as I am to the staff and management of WEWS TV for allowing me the opportunity to call TV5 my home away from home for all of these 38 years, my greatest gratitude is reserved for you who have been loyal supporters of our unique brand of broadcast journalism in Cleveland.  It has been a splendid ride reporting on such great and occasionally historic events over these nearly four decades and meeting endless news makers, VIPs and at times, real characters.  Who could ever get bored in a job like this?



(Picture above: Circa 1972…taken during a commercial break during the 11 o’clock news.  That’s me on the far right reading over my news copy.  John Hambrick is in the middle and Dave Patterson is on the left.  Gib Shanley (The ole Gibber) is standing, wearing one of his more sedate suits) and I think that’s Kathy A., running the controls of the teleprompter standing to our right.


hi Ted,

I just read that you have announced your retirement!

I can only imagine what you have planned!

Jean Trawatha ~


Dear Ted, congratulation to your new retired life.

Yes, we were all surprised, but it had to happen one of these days.

You will love your next part of your life, for I know no one who doesn’t.

There comes a time when you don’t even know how you would have juggled fun and work.

We all benefit as well, hoping to see and talk with you more often.

To tell you the truth, I really really missed both of you this last month.

Many Blessings and lots of love for Jody and yourself from Margaret and (Herb)



Way to go , Guy !

Welcome to the ‘ Doing what we want to do gang. ‘

Now you & Jody can energize the airlines and make them profitable.

Best wishes,

Janet & Don


Congratulations! I think it is a great decision to retire when you are healthy, on top of the game, and most of all have some one you love with your whole being to share your time with and explore paths to holiness. I will do the same the day I am able to which is9 year and 8 months and 7 days away. I will always keep each day filled but when I retire I will choose the filling!

Dan Begin


what a guy….. congratulations for realizing there is another life out there… run, leap and embrace it all……. Big Hugs, Janet



Congratulations on your announcement of Retirement from your work a day world of


It is wonderful that you and Jody will soon be able to pursue your travel dreams

and desires without having to return home to get back to work.

I am very happy for you.


Rev Pipes



Oh how smart you are to “give it up” while you have many years (hopefully and statistically) to enjoy in retirement. I have never enjoyed life so much as I have after retirement; no stress, no worry about anything except family (which must have been the way God wanted it to be), and no looking back.

I know you will enjoy retirement because I know how well your head rests on your shoulders.

Best to you and the family.

Garry Ritchie

(Garry was my first news director at TV5 in 1972…a great friend, a wise man and a gifted electrician (he single handedly wired my summer cottage in the mid seventies….Ted)


Congratulations! I just heard the news!

Mike Vendeland

Production Manager





Hello Retirement!

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Hi Readers,

I am retiring.  What a joy it’s been to spend the last 44 years in my home town region working in broadcasting in Canton, Kent, Akron, Youngtstown and of course Cleveland.

I have made many friends and I wish I could say goodbye to each of you.  Drop me a line if you’re inclined and I’ll be sure to write you back. Write me at
My announcement printed below to by friends and co-workers here at TV5 will give you some details of my 38 years of working for WEWS-TV.  It’s been a grand adventure.

I continue my work here until May 20th, but check back here often for updates, photos, videos and shared memories.

My greatest gratitude goes to the viewers of TV5.



Dear Friends, 

After lengthy consideration, I have come to the major decision that this is the right moment of my life to retire.  My last day will be May 20th. 

I leave with feelings of satisfaction, fulfillment and with expectations for an enjoyable retirement of continued learning.  I also leave with nostalgia for all my friends and experiences during my 44 years in the broadcasting industry in Northeastern Ohio, especially the last 38 years with the E. W. Scripps Company at TV5.

While we still have the energy to do so, my wife Jody and I would like to spend more time traveling the world in order to pursue our most absorbing interest, which has long been our hobby.  We seek, meet, and interview reputed wise or ‘holy” people of all cultures and wisdom traditions.  In a way this is continuing my urge to explore, discover and share, which always prompted me in my profession. We look forward to this as a never ending adventure into unknown and exciting realms which are especially relevant to us at this stage in our lives.  This is the work I now want to continue and expand, the way in which I’d like to use my journalistic skills for upliftment. It is our hope that in time, this wisdom trove might be helpful to all who are interested.

I do expect retirement to be an adjustment, especially since I will miss seeing all of you every day.  The friends and mentors I have benefited from are irreplaceable, and I appreciate every laugh and discovery we have shared together.  I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every day of my work, especially due to the wonderful folks I have been blessed to know. 

The Northeastern Ohio audience has graced me enormously in allowing me the career I began daydreaming about at the age of seven when I saw Dorothy Fuldheim commenting on the news on TV5 when my family bought our first television set. 

My nearly four decades with E. W. Scripps at TV5, have granted me first hand experiences of history and notable personalities both here and around the world.  These have been life changing and rewarding experiences I would not have had otherwise and will never forget.  I consider myself most fortunate as each year has been an expansion in growth and realization far beyond my childhood dreams.   

I am exceedingly grateful to E. W. Scripps, to all of my WEWS-TV mentors over the years, to all friends and colleagues and to the Northeastern Ohio viewing public.  It’s been  an incalculable privilege and lots of fun!

With warmest regards to all,


The Importance of Radio

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People ask me how I got my start in TV.  I always tell them that it was through radio, my first broadcast love.

BElow, spinning records at WHOF, Hall of Fame radio at 1060 on the AM dial in Canton, circa 1965.  I worked there in the evening and worked mornings as Ted Tracy at WCNS, The Friendly Giant, a tiny 500 watt station at 900 on the AM dial.  The pay in those days?  $1.30 an hour at WHOF and  $1.35 an hour at WCNS.    Radio…was tons of fun, whether it was reading the news, reporting the news or spinning records.



Hi Reader,

People always ask me the best way to prepare for a career in TV and I always tell them to work in radio first.  This picture is from 1965 or 66, from WHOF radio in Canton.  This was my third radio job by then and it opened the door affording me a thousand opportunties to make mistakes in broadcasting.  It’s better to make most of your mistakes early on.   I’ve got some more old time pictures and will post them soon.

Write me at:



That’s my first boss at TV5 below, Ed Cervenak, on the right.  He hired me on June 18, 1972.  First jobs?  Sign off news and weekend weather.  That’s Al Bush in the middle, operations manager and Ernie Sindelar on the left, station manager.






The legendary, Don Perris (above).  He was the GM when I started at TV5 and eventually became the President of Scripps Howard Broadcasting.  What a mentor!

   Garry Ritchie was my first news director…and I ‘m still looking for his picture.  And Lee Bailey (also looking for his pix) got me my job at TV5 and eventually became my brother-in-law.







How quickly the years pass…

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I often get requests to see some of old corny gems again.  Here are a few more.     Just Click and enjoy.  Ted