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Stephanie Tubbs Jones – A Champion Remembered
August 31, 2008

Dear Readers,

She was everyone’s friend and she was everyone’s advocate.  The testimonies for Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones continue to pour in.

Some of you still have not had a chance to express your sentiments about Cleveland’s loss.  If you write me about Congresswoman Tubbs Jones, I will post your contribution here.

She was bright, capable, hard working and yet she was fair.  She was a woman of great compassion.  She was also a woman of great humor and friendship.  And she is missed.

Your comments are welcome.  Write me at




Ouch! Another attack on being biased…this one from the Dems!
August 29, 2008

Dear Readers,

Some of you just don’t like us.  Fortunately, many of you do.

A pretty interesting Democratic Convention in Denver and now make way for the Republicans.

Someone accused me earlier of being pro Obama in my reporting from the field this week.  Now, just the opposite.   Jeff Love of Green suggests I am pro McCain.  I guess this means I must be neutral.  You can read Jeff’s post below and in spite of his rough comments about your’s truly I did not edit out a single comment.


Dear Ted,
I just heard you ask a black man at the airport, “Why do you suppose that the war in Iraq is not even being mentioned at the Democratic Convention?”
Ted, what alternate universe are you in, anyway? Practically every keynote speaker has mentioned it. Your bias has never shown more than at this time.
Even though certain others on your station try to be fair, tuning to another channel becomes more appealing to me practically every time you speak. Your biased reporting, along with bigoted and tasteless “news” items from others such as today’s about the three-dollar bill with Obama’s head in a turban, may eventually drive me away.
If you aren’t ready to retire from broadcasting, there is always Fox News or a religious channel. Sad to say, you no longer appear interested in reporting real news.
Jeff Love
Green, Ohio

To Jeff from Ted:  Thanks for your letter. Iraq was brought up in the convention, but frankly it wasn’t discussed nearly as much as many expected it to be. PBS is covering the conventions wall to wall, and I am grateful for that.  Too few people watch much of the conventions and in the one hour prime time specials by the major networks the simply devote too little time to the major issues.  Thanks for watching, and please stay with us, we really are trying hard to be fair in our reporting.  Ted


 Hi Ted, I have questions for you.

Who is Barack Obama, and where did he come from?
I never heard of him before and neither have friends of mine.  
Also, is Oprah Winfrey giving him advice? I thought I heard blurb about her giving him advice.
Thank you in advance, for taking the time to answer,
I know how busy you are right now. Keep up your good work. I’ve watched TV5 news all my life.
From Ted to Kathleen,
Senator Obama has been in politics for enough years now for most people to be aware of him. Oprah is on record stating her support for Obama and I suspect she might offer him advice from time to time.  She likes him very much.  Thanks, Ted


With all the money being spent on political conventions, you would think the candidates would have something better to say instead of the same old political BS, bashing the other candidate, and promises they cannot keep. One person, be they the president of the United States or the mayor of a local town, cannot make a decision without the congress or council.
If a Democrat gets elected, the Republicans will vote against the issue, and visa versa.
If they would get back to the basics of what is best for THIS
country, balance the budget, take out all the pork barrel items, maybe we could begin to trust them. Companies rip off the government on purchases because they can get away with it.
Politicians are too busy with their own motives and projects to read the fine print.
Rosemary Berg
N. Ridgeville, OH 44039


Dear Ted:

I am answering your report today concerning no mention of Iraq or Afghanistan at the Dem Convention. You must not have watched last night. The entire night was about Iraq, Afghanistan, our soldiers and their families, and national security. I watch the whole coverage on PBS so no upper-crust conservative business-worshipping network exec filters my news.

To answer your question about security: Do I feel safe? Yes, because the thugs who pulled off 9/11 are currently in Washington. They sent my son, brother, nephew, cousin, and others to war for a lie.

Hi   Ted  –  Evidently both candidates want our country overrun with the people coming here, mostly across our southern border. Everyone avoids talking about this major problem. What a hot potato issue. There are alot of us here in Massillon that wish McCain would have some guts to stand up on this issue. What’s the big deal about shutting our border , except for the legal way to enter ?   Sincerely –  Jeff Limbach,   Massillon ——— PS.  Incidently I like your blog idea.


To Ted:

 I noticed that when you were interviewing a man about the gambling in Ohio that it looked like he was in a bar and he was smoking. I thought there was no smoking in bars, were you in Ohio?
Dave P.

To Dave from Ted:  That scene was shot in an outdoor restaurant where patrons are allowed to smoke.  It’s outdoors in that there are no walls on the sides.  Thanks for the comment and I’m glad to clear this up for you.  Ted


Dear Mr. Henry:
This evening, the subject is national security. I have something I would like to share about my feelings of national security:
Ohio, the state in which I live, is in worse
financial shape than nearly every other state in
the union. Ohio has been under legislative control
of the Republican party for three solid decades.
The condition of the infrastructure of Ohio has gone from an
abrasion to full-blown hemorrhaging. It’s as if
Ohio has an advanced case of ebola virus, bleeding
from every orifice.
Ohio suffered through two administrations of Robert
Taft, the political and mental equivalent of George
W. Bush. Bush pushed for tax reductions for the
most wealthy Americans, so Taft did the same for
wealthy Ohioans.
Fortified by Republican majorities in both of the
legislative branches, the Houses of Representatives
and Senates of both the US’s Congress and Ohio’s
legislature, the tax cuts were passed and written
into law.
To compensate for the reduction in tax revenues,
which is the source of funding projects like road
construction (including petroleum-based asphalt),
bridge repairs, funding for education (including
fuel for vehicles and natural gas for heating),
funding for law enforcement (including fuel for
vehicles), funding for US and Ohio Departments of
Transportation (including fuel for vehicles), the
cost of licentures and services were increased by
75-90 percent.
When George Bush and Dick Cheney decided to go to
war, funding for all federal government offices and
services was severly cut. Federal jobs were cut.
Federal block grants to the states were cut,
including grants for local, state and federal law enforcement, fire and
rescue, education, construction, health and
welfare, health-care and benefits for all the armed
services and their veterans, Medicare/Medicaid,
Social Security, Homeland Security, national
security. You name it, if it’s a service provided
by federal, state and local governments, federal
funding has been cut.
Our federal government is so deeply in debt that we’ve been
borrowing from other nations. China owns most of
that debt. Not only does China own most of our
national debt, but China received most of the
industrial jobs that Americans lost. Now, most of
the products that were made by Americans are being
imported from China and a number of other
countries. So, China is profitting from the loss of
American jobs.
Under Republican policies, not only has China, a
communist nation, beaten America at our own game of
capitalism, if America’s government does anything
to anger the Chinese government, they could cut off
our credit, cut off all trade with America,
militarily attack the US mainland, and we couldn’t
afford to defend ourselves. The Bush-Cheney administration has actually weakened national security and made us more vulnerable.
Since the majority of manufacturing jobs have been
shipped out of the country, and most of the
manufacturing facilites closed and sent the
machines used to manufacture the goods they
produced along with the jobs, the United States of
America cannot possibly rebound in a feasible
manner. Nowhere is this more true than in NE Ohio.
During this election season I want you to remember
something:  America is in the
same financial shape as most American citizens
whose homes are being foreclosed upon, filing for
bankruptcies and way over their heads in credit
card debt.
Republicans have single-handedly destroyed Ohio’s and
America’s economies. Republicans have damaged the
reputation of America — worldwide — as a great and respected 
nation. It will take decades, if not centuries, to
recover from what Republicans have damaged and/or
Mr. Henry, I thank you for giving me the chance to voice my opinion. I am releasing any and all portions of the above essay for your public use.
I enjoy your interviews with NE Ohioans. As for bias, it’s in the eyes of the beholders. Their own biases will dictate how they perceive yours. There is nothing you can do about that.
Kindest regards,
Randall W. Todd
Brunswick, OH

WHAT’S UP WITH YOU? (Plus more on: Is Ted Biased?)
August 28, 2008

Dear readers,

While it’s been a lively convention in Denver, it’s been lively for me as well as I tour the region hearing what local and regional people have to say about the issues. Some are posted below. I begin with more comments about whether my bias has been showing while reporting from the field this week. Your comments are always welcome to Thanks, Ted


From Stephen: Because you can not see it does not mean it is not there. I would really appreciate that news people would tell their bias. Surveys show that most are far to the left. I can only say that if I were doing your job, the starting point for most stories would be different. (Stephen Musgrave)


Ted’s Reply: Thanks Steve. I wish I could offer you the chance to see things from my point of view. Frankly, I don’t want to know anyone’s bias. Sure, we all have them but the point is that as professionals we are paid to keep them in check. Always. No exceptions, unless we’re fronting an opinion piece. I did commentaries off and on here at Newschannel5 for 15 years. I was always ill at ease with this fearing I would lose fully half the audience the first time I would speak out in favor of something others oppose.


(From Amy on “bias”)

How would anyone know what was edited out of Newschannel 5’s reports? That would be totally speculation on any viewer’s part. But that’s beside the point, actually, as I don’t believe I’ve ever witnessed biased reporting on the part of any Newschannel 5 reporter, especially concerning political races. You have always just reported the facts as they appear … why else would you be doing segments interviewing the public?! Thanks for your interesting reports and your hard work!
Amy in North Canton


Ted’s Reply: Amy, you have it down perfectly and in my opinion most viewers agree with you. I am always surprised when this issue raises its ugly head. Yes, yes, I see this taking place occasionally on MSNBC, Fox and a few other outlets, but never at the local level and never never here at Newschannel5. Thanks, Ted


Good Morning Mr. Henry,
Just wanted to bring your attention to a song written by a local production company for the Obama 08 campaign. To hear it, please go to:
Let us know what you think at
Thank you,
Lorraine Pennick
Production Assistant

From Don from Akron:
I have a question.
The news stated that the Aurora Police in Colorado came across a possible assignation plot.
I believe the suspects were caught after one of them was stopped for a traffic violation.
They were believed to be members of a white supremacy group.
There are probably more members of white supremacy groups in the US than Secret Service agents.
If Obama were assonated before the November elections and I hope he isn’t who would be next in line for the Democrats Hilary Clinton or Obama’s choice for VP.
Don from Akron
Ted’s Reply: Thanks Don. The Vice President always takes over and he is always followed by the Speaker Of The House. Thanks, Ted.


Dear Ted,

I wish it was required for the DNC and RNC to be held in cities ,such as Cleveland, where we could use the economic boost that is definitely a result of these conventions.
We are well equipped for the onslaught of people and we are certainly enthusiastic voters. Cities like ours and Detroit need the support of these conventions… should be mandatory for committees seeking out locations for these events to be more aware of what impact a convention might have in a struggling city. Thank you,
Ted’s Reply: Yep, I agree. Only twice in my many years here did we come close to landing one the big conventions. That’s a problem that needs to be fixed. If Ohio is a key state (AND IT IS!) then why not hold a big time convention here? We’ve been slighted for way too many years. Thanks for the note. Ted
Ted, I made this up and would to get it to Obama.
We have had the bird in the Bush for the past eight years!
Whit very little in the hand!
Now they want to give us McCain drain!
What we need is change, change, change!!!!!
A Price
Cleveland, Ohio
Take care, peace and love to you!

I am being accused of being biased! What do you think?
August 27, 2008

Hi Reader,

It had to happen.  Somehow, somewhere in my reporting, someone saw a clear sign of my bias in this year’s presidential race?  Below I’ve printed a letter from a fella who think he knows my political views.  I assure you he does not and I answer him just after his note to me.


I’ve watched Channel 5 and your career since I moved to Akron in 1973.  I want to remember that you were partnered with Mr.Peterson in those days.  I respected your reporting.

 You have an interesting segment on Spiritualism and various religious segments.  On the other hand your reporting on the Presidential campaigns has a definite bias towards Obama.    I came to this conclusion many weeks ago but felt assured yesterday from your reporting from Akron.  You interviewed several of our citizens,two reported they were supportive of Obama ( that’s fine) but when you interviewed the one gentlemen who was complaining about partisanship, you edited out the fact that he was a McCain supporter.
I really only want the news reported and I’d prefer not to have any reporter trying to influence my opinions. 
Thanks for your attention.
Ray Labuda


Dear Ray, 

How are you so sure?  Nobody, and I mean nobody knows what I might do entering the booth on election day.  And as for bias in the media?  There might be some in some places, but here at TV5? Nope.  Not even a hint….and I’ve been around here for 37 years so I should know. If anyone else believes there is a leaning to the left or to the write at Newschannel 5, I’d love to hear from you.  Write me at


(more comments)


Frankly I think we spend too much time focusing on the presidential candidates, when in fact, the problem really lies in our congress.  We have a group of mostly partisan politicians who cannot come together and pass legislation for the good of all the people in this country.  I wrote recently to all my representatives asking them to hammer out a new energy policy that would address both short and long term needs.  I even mentioned how President Kennedy rallied this country to land a man on the moon before the 60’s were out.  And we did it!!  Unless we have some specific goals that are agreed to, nothing will be done.  The proof is in the results.  Congress adjourned for their August vacation and NOTHING got done.  Same old partisan politics.  I can tell you that if we faced a major crisis at the company I worked at, no one would be going on a vacation until we had a plan in place to fix it.  I say we vote all of them out of office and start from scratch.

Thanks for taking the time to listen.

Bill S.


(more comments)

i am seeking employment,but I seem to be over qualified and phyically challenged. Could you help when whomever is elected.

 Laurie Elise
(Dear Laurie…I only wish I had such power.  Ted)


Thanks also for some of the other comments I have received.  Some of you are really in to this year’s conventions and election.  Check that, many of you are.  Below, some sample of your emails in the last several hours.  Write me at so I can hear what’s on your mind.


You asked various people if they thought their vote counts. I’d have to say yes and no.  It does on the local and state level, but Not when it comes to electing a president.  Just look back at the last presidential election.  Al Gore got the majority of popular vote, but Bush got the presidency.  The votes that millions of us cast for Gore were worthless.  Don’t get me wrong, I WILL vote in the national election. I see it as my civil duty, I just don’t think it will count.  Merlin


Don’t forget…drop me a line…

Thanks, Ted

Mr. President, how do we feed a family of four?
August 26, 2008

Dear Reader,

I have been receiving emails and interviews in the field asking the same question over and over again. People want to know how they buy enough food and gas for their needs when prices continue to go up.  It’s a familiar refrain by now but what I am starting to notice is that these complains are starting to combine with anger.

I’ll be visiting college students in Ohio today to find up how they size up the value of their vote this presidential election year.  Let me know your views on this as well by replying to this blog or by sending me your emails to

Now for some of the emails I just received, and they’re not all pretty.

George Revay says we are a biased news station.  He writes: 

View As Web Page
You know, calling this forum a discussion is a long stretch of the term.  I made two attempts to post my negative views on this person.  In viewing the accepted posts, I have found no other negative posts.  What ever happened to the freedom of the press?  It is obvious that one person dictates what is to be posted.
Dear George,
No one dictates what is to be posed.  We usually select a summary of items to be posted from all the items that are sent to us.  Keep writing.  Ted.

Dear Ted,
     I am a 45, single woman with no kids. I have a fairly decent job (walmart) and make above minimum wage
I live in a house I inherited from my parents’ even though it belongs to my 2 other siblings also. (I pay the bills, tend to the upkeep, and pay the property tax to live here). Had I had to be out on my own I wouldn’t be able to make it because I just dont make enough money to do so. I would most likely be living out of my car!   After the bills are paid and gas in the car,I have barely enough to keep myself going for 2 weeks. Do you know what this doesn’t include-groceries! If it wasn’t for my Uncle  who basically pays for my groceries, I dont know what I would do! Can you guess what kind of savings account I have? I dont! Only because there is never anything left over to save!
     Personally, I dont like either choice for president. They tell people what they want to hear but once they get in, they dont follow thru with what they said to get elected in the first place. Obama says he’s going to help the middle class and I’m not so sure how much I believe that. Politicians in my eyes are a bunch of liars and thieves. They have millions and I’m scraping to get by. Something is totally wrong with this picture.
     To me, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. What ever happened to the cost of living raise? They dont have to worry about where their next dollar is coming from because they have more than enough to sustain them for the rest of their lives.
     If I’m having a hard time by myself, I can only imagine what the single mother must be going thru. Its no wonder the welfare program is the way it is. I would probably qualify for some sort of assistance( maybe not though) but you know what stops me? My pride. I work HARD for a living like a lot of Americans.
     You want to know what I find even sadder- I will probably NEVER be able to retire or I will die before that time comes, because Social Security is another program that is going to pot. To be able to live comfortably, I would have to work to the age of 70! Who wants to do that? I would like a chance to enjoy life when I’m young enough to enjoy it!
     I find that this world is going backwards, not forwards.
Thanks for your time Ted
Darlene, Parma Ohio
Hi Ted.  Politely stated, I am fed up. We have one candidate FINALLY who is talking issues; but the other is still getting mileage out of misquoting, misusing facts, and personally slurring the other candidate.  I don’t know whether to be more angry with John McCain who authorizes the Republican ads or with too many Americans who believe such childishness.  There is certainly plenty in McCain’s personal history to run some nastiness against him.  He rode family coattails into the military.  He had his days as a less than stellar student and womanizer.  Because he had the misfortune of being shot down and imprisoned in Viet Nam makes him off limits to criticism? He was born into the military and has lived off government monies and favor most of his life.  Do you think other countries will look at such a man and think peace?  In our industrial-military-powered country, is it even possible to elect someone who isn’t controlled by big business or the Pentagon?        Kathy Williams, Madison OH

Alec Baldwin, Madonna, Barbra Streisand …. hardly a group anyone will ever confuse with our founding fathers.  Yet it never ceases to amaze me their ego’s  make them believe people actually want to know who to vote for through their endorsements.   There are many areas of our country that could use a bit of improvement, but government by celebrity is not one of them.
Bill Hart
Frankly, I surf all the stations for news particularly local news because not all news-worthy stories are broadcast.  I read the papers and obtain most of the national and world news from the internet.  Foreign reporting is more “true”,  less slanted and appears to look at stories in a less biased manner particularly when it comes to racial issues.  Over the years, I have watched your station (and your competitor Channel 8/19) improve its coverage and reporting of human interest stories.  Your station is a favorite because of your reporting (in particular) and your investigative reports.  Please continue the positive and inspiring reporting that has become your trademark.

 C. Howard-Wiggins


Don’t forget to watch for my reports during both conventions and be sure to send me your comments or questions.


People in Akron are Scared!
August 25, 2008

Dear Reader,

I am already hearing from the working men and women of Akron.  They tell me they used to be just nervous about their economic futures, but now fear has replaces nervousness.  Can’t blame them, Ohio has lost 240,000 factory jobs in the last several years due to the tightening economy.

Many tell me they don’t know who would be best suited for the White House, McCain or Obama.  Give me your point of view, I’d like to know your take on this.  Write me at  And watch for my reportls for the next two weeks from the neighborhoods of N.E. Ohio, during both conventions at five, six and eleven.

Respond here or email me at



Are you watching the Dems at their Convention?
August 25, 2008

Hi Reader,

In my view, this is the single most important presidential election year in my life.  Count the reasons why?  You’re already ahead of me.  How about the Democratic National Conventon…are you watching it?  What about the choices made so far, Veep? Party Platform? Issues?

Let’s consider that last one.  What issues are biggest in your life right now?  Let me know and I’ll try go get some answers for you as I am on the road this week talking to the voters of Ohio. 

Email me you concerns, gripes, questions or comments to



Blog with me all next week during the CONVENTION!
August 22, 2008

Hi Reader,

While the Dems are in Denver I’ll be criss-crossing Northern Ohio looking for people willing to share with me their greatest concern regarding their families, towns and nation.  Join me via WEWS 5 and

Tell me what’s on your mind and what your biggest worries or concerns are as we move closer to the two major nominations coming up.


Also, I am profiling the work of Pastor Larry Howard on my Heart and Soul series.  He really won me over as a quality human being.  If anyone would like more info about this wise and friendly man, just let me know.

Plus, if you would like to check out his church, just find your way to Greater Friendship Baptist Church located on Arlington Road, just off Eddy Road on the east side of the city.  He tells me he welcomes any and all newcomers to his well attended services.

Email your concerns on any subject, any day at  Thanks, Ted

Ouch! Some people really dislike the media.
August 22, 2008

Hello reader,

Two things I want to pass by you right now.

First, I’ll be on the road the next couple of weeks taking the pulse of regional residents on the election year issues that affect them most.  Be looking for my reports beginning with the first day of the Democratic Convention, next Monday.  I’ll be reporting from the filed during the 5PM, 6PM and 11PM news.  Write me with your concerns, comments or questions to

Issue number 2:  The media.  What follows is an email I just received from a viewer who takes great issue with the U.S. media.  I am passing it along so as to present all points of views.  This letter is from: “CM” who does not wish to be identified to the public.  She talks about the late Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones and then expands her comments to include media coverage today.  (Ted)


(Email from Ms. CM)    “Mr. Henry – Originally from Cleveland, in fact next door neighbor to Stephanie’s district.  I became aware of her during the OH primaries earlier this year — A time when a lot of us embraced another great woman – Hillary Rodham Clinton.  I’m glad to say that I sent Stephanie a note a few weeks later due to her passionate support and work.

I was aware of the situation yesterday morning and later in the day; the shameful PD, whom I contacted about their premature report of her death.  I would like to take this moment to expand on this flaw.  This is not something to debate about, judge, ignore but to truly embrace and unfortunately for most (all?) of the media it will be quite hard to dig deep enough within to find the Spark.

 Regarding Ms. Tubbs Jones, whether a prominent person or not, as I told the PD, the ‘family doctors and official hospital spokesperson’ should be the Primary Source.  Make that the only source.  This was totally disrespectful to publish a story prematurely, to be first.

 Taking this one step further, less and less people get their news from our media.  Ever wonder why or afraid to look.  Foreign press is even more accurate about the USA.  There is no safe haven — lies, deceit and manipulation have been in all areas of our life.  However, NOW is the time to Stop Doing Everything the Old Way.  Money talks – old-style political machines – all forms of media are used to ‘promote agendas.’  No more!!

 There is NO true journalist reporting done anymore, at least not by large mainstream ‘corporately’ owned media.  It is so ‘obvious’; why can’t those in media see it?  I would expect it’s the paycheck and perks that make ‘no integrity’ the road taken.

Lies, deceit, manipulation – AP or some other sources send out a story, everyone just copies, right/wrong, who cares.  And then erroneous stories are ‘always’ repeated in further stories to reinforce an agenda; intentional distortions, at some level, abound.  And yes we know about making the last sentence what readers will remember (distort!).

 Balanced news, that’s funny.  There are often more than 2 sides of an issue, and again, a set agenda will be anything but fair and impartial.  The news has become one big commercial set up to tell people what to think, believe, do, wear, eat, etc. etc.  I am here to tell you that is the Old Way of Living.  It’s Time to Wake Up!

 Finally, I hate to break this news flash but it’s time for people to live their own lives.  It’s humorous to see the media share their birthday, wedding, baby announcements, etc. on air as if everyone’s day/life was not complete without it.  

 Freedom of the Press.  We are at the lowest point away from that – maybe in honor of Stephanie Tubbs Jones and the personal Integrity and Passion she pursued in every endeavor, you can Choose to Make a Difference and Pass it On and Restore the media to true journalistic, investigative reporting, where We The People are what matters!  — It’s a personal choice – one person at a time.  Media and politicians are the last to awaken. “…..

Note from Ted: Thankyou, (CM) I understand your frustration with the media.  While our business, both print and broadcast has evolved over the years it still remains basically the same.  If anything we are trying harder to get back to our roots, to report on the news of our towns and regions.  There are events in the news that frustrate me too, but I try not to tar the whole industry.  Give us awhile, keep watching and see if we don’t continue to be more news oriented and more responsible in our daily judgment.  Thanks, Ted

Viewer reaction to the death of Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones
August 21, 2008

Hello reader,

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones.  Her loss to this community is enormous.  In life I knew her as a friend who was always in possession of great equanimity.  In death I shall remember her for all the good she did for our much beleaguered commuity.  Below is a sampling of viewer reaction sent to me regarding this intelligent, warm and friendly Cleveland neighbor.  Ted  PS: Leave a reply below or send me your views, comments and questions to



I was quite upset when I heard from my father after getting out of work that Ms. Jones had passed away.  I made sure to try to get as much information as I could about her death and to no avail, no confirmations had been made.  Once I heard the correction, I thought about all the great things that she has done for our city and how many lives she has touched.  I first met her when former President Clinton was in Lakewood at Lakewood High School to lobby for Senator Hillary Clinton during the primaries. Her hard work ethic has done wonders for not only the city of Cleveland and state of Ohio, but also for this whole country. 
My thoughts and prayers go to her, her family and friends. 
Kristin Salo